Working with Clauneck: Au Revoir


I have been working with the demon from the Grimorium Verum named Clauneck for a year, and what can I say? He is without a doubt one of the best spirits I have ever worked with in the sense that he delivers.

See Working with Clauneck for the first article on him and the results of my work with him. What happened after is that things kept going well although his method of working does have drawbacks; I went from $1500 before to making $6500 with improved working conditions & perks in the end but the downside is the instability. He instigates fluctuations in one’s financial life which can be quite nerve-wracking if you don’t keep your cool. You will regularly be unemployed and “put on hold” for a few days or even a month or two which is the case for me at the moment.

For those of you asking “Why are you stopping?”…..Well, I long for stability in the end and reaching my financial goals without the intermittent booha going on, so stable growth. I have already approached him on this matter and he told me, clear as day “If you want that, work with someone else, I won’t change my way of working; not meant offensively, Morino, I mean it literally in the way I just stated it”.
Fair and good enough for me. I understand him all too well. So time for me to move on to (for me personally) better things.

-Au Revoir, Nekki-

Closingsritual to Clauneck

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3 thoughts on “Working with Clauneck: Au Revoir

  1. I had excellent results with Clauneck as well, but recently found out Bune / Duchess Bime to be better for short-term goals. Clauneck is most suitable for long-term goals, projects, discipline. There’s a difference, and both can do wonders, according to the situation

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