Insights on how magick works


When dealing with magick and having to listen to the everyday opinions of regular people, that is, the very few that do give their thoughts on magick you will definitely hear things like ” If magick is so grandiose, then my are most mages poor?”, and “Why don’t they own the world?”. I personally do not care much for what the average person thinks about the art for a number of reasons.

. Magick works in the same way that the physical world does to some extent– do you actually think that a high ranking entity that has been given dominion over some part of the universe is going to say “Hey, sorry to see you having financial problems. Here, have a million dollars”. Will someone on the street give you $5 if you walk up to them and ask them? NO. Spirits will do that for the same reason, because it’s give & take. If you want something, you will have to give them something in return in general. The only exception would be one offering to help you for free.

. Magick has its limits too & is subject to restraint- it is wise to briefly ask yourself if there are chances for you when attempting something; if you were planning on opening up a flower shop & asking for spiritual help in making said business grow ASAP, the odds would be well-stacked against you if you were to do so in a place where people do not like flowers or that is teeming with vegetation already. My point is, to keep in mind, to ask yourself these questions before doing something:

– Are there enough chances available?
– Is my location or environment “good” for what I want?
– Are the customs and how people think in my location favorable for what I want to accomplish?

* Example: You’re lost in the Sahara desert; summoning a spirit for water will be, to safely say, a giant stretch.

. Magick is no walk in the park- Being a magician and summoning spirits is no easy task to say the least; on average, it will take one years to master the craft (took me three to get here) and is time, effort and resource-consuming. Kind of like working two jobs, only the 2nd one costs a lot instead of bringing in money. You will have to truly be devoted to the craft and really want it enough to make sacrifices for it in order to get somewhere.

. Magick is “not God”- Magick is not capable of solving every problem that comes along; it serves as an accelerant and shapes the world we live in to a certain degree. Things that play a role are the circumstances you find yourself in, your environment. Spirits will seek the easiest way of doing something and if no opportunity is available they will have to create those which can be a lot harder and will take longer and more as a direct result.

. Big results take time & more effort– Need I say more? If you desire to become a multimillionaire, rest assured that it will take you at the very least a year or two to get there when working with a spirit, regardless of how powerful he/she/it is; that is, provided that you are able to develop that strong of a bond with your spirit and offer the energy needed to achieve this within the aforementioned time.

-Keep in mind that God is the only one that can make things happen in the blink of an eye-

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