The research files vol. XII: The Holy Guardian Angel part II


It was 2 weeks ago that I invoked this HGA or holy guardian angel for a customer and let me clarify again, this is NOT the angel that is described in the book of Abramelin; this is one’s higher doppelganger or divine mirror entity. So basically, a divine version of yourself. See the first part of an article of the same name for the story of when I summoned my own HGA.

This one was a Martian one and had Aries as zodiacal correspondence(15°), and is quite the bullheaded one. Before the ritual, when I was out on the street, he made me scrape my Achilles’ heel & shoulder and My Lord Samael told me that he was the one behind it, as I noticed this and was like “what the fuck is happening?” and I heard the same loud buzzing too like I heard when I invoked my own HGA. When he appeared, he took the shape of a little forest like creature, but unfriendly and far more aggressive. He threatened me, but after seeing my patron beside me, he backed off and decided to cooperate. He kept referring to my customer as “the human I am tied to” and was sarcastic when answering. Seemed to shake his head erratically too, and pulled some exorcist shit by turning his head 360°.

The tasks issued were long term, and therefore the result is unknown. Time only will tell, but the request has been fulfilled and he, in accordance with our agreement, must oblige. I love Geburah (Mars), but these kind of guys make you see or view that sphere as a pain in the ass sometimes, with the troubles they cause. Someone made a comment when I told him, that these guys sound Enochian, and I agree that they do. Lastly, My Lord Samael told me that these “HGA’s” do not fall under any specific ruler in the traditional sense. He had no dominion over this one for example.




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