My Beloved Lord Samael III: Deep Contact


A year and a half now with Him as my Patron and I cannot get enough. I have had to enjoy Him destroying my number one enemy and Him showing me her in a flash, as he crippled her mentally & physically. I love destroying enemies and He does so very well, without mercy. He has also shown himself to me in a more human form as a buff, strong man that will make you look in awe as well as shiver, the blonde Adonis type with one or more swords in his hands while Geburah burns in the background.
Interesting thing too, is the fact that he gave me a dream in which he was a black serpent, crawling on the floor of my elderly home and me staring from the balcony outside. He then perceived to climb a tree and jumped towards me, landed on me and wrapped himself around my neck & told me that we were destined to be together. I love these kind of vivid dreams, as even when I woke up, I could still feel the coils and smell the Martian scent oh so strongly around me, as well as him standing behind me.
He gave me another one too, in which my “ability” for receiving astral messages was tested; I dreamt that someone had died in a village in the rain-forest that I found myself in and when awake, he told me “just checking to see how well you can receive messages in case or when I need to do someone in for you”.

He oversees every ritual and gives me pointers where necessary, will tell me too when to “wrap things up” and related; I’m doing great too, health-wise as I have gotten sick only once in this past year and a half, and even then, it was merely a small case of the flu that went away in a day or three. It will never be enough for me, as I want and will keep wanting more from Him. I finally managed to buy two delicious Katanas for him, and they look mighty fine on His altar. 😁





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