The divine doppelganger or astral twin (HGA)


I will go deep into the nature and detail of the entity known as the divine doppelganger, astral twin or higher self; I also dub this the “HGA”, loosely stated. Once again, I repeat: This is NOT the holy guardian angel from the Abramelin grimoire. That one is an actual angel.

The higher self by definition is an entity created by God which serves as your mirror image and your missing part in your current life cycle; He has the skills and attributes that you lack as a person in this life. For example, if you are by nature someone that lacks empathy and aren’t charming, the one that never smiles and is way too serious, your divine doppelganger will be the type that has charm, grace and empathy as his forte or specialty. From a planetary perspective, it can be said that you have strong Saturnian straits (coldness, humorless, grace) & your twin will then most likely be Venusian (graceful, appealing, smooth).

In my experience and interaction with several of them, including my own, I have noticed that they lack general or specific features. All of them seem to be transparent regarding looks. This might be from my perspective on them, but all of them have taken this kind of appearance. They are one of the most practically applicable entities one can work with, kind of like an ultra egregore, due to the fact that they don’t shy away from using energy to get or have you notice them. This is in contrast to other entities, like angels or demons, that are very savory when it comes to energy. Divine doppelgangers will use energy if they want to convey a message to you. To this date, I have summoned 3 of them, 2 of which were for clients and 1 which was my own. My own was Solar, and the remaining were Martian & Lunar.

My own was all that I lack in general, so from a neutral perspective; He had a quick wit about him, was fluent in saying what he felt and radiated life overall. Friendly and calm, cool and authoritative, all at the same time.
The Martian one did not like being summoned and made it known, making me stub my toe and scrape my elbow while getting the necessary things for summoning him.
The Lunar one was very friendly and no issues with him, myself and my target felt drained and tired an hour or 2 after.
The first 2 also gave off a buzzing sound an hour or so before the ritual, really loud.
They don’t fall under any kind of authority under the traditional sense, and are more “freelance” spirits.

To know what correspondences one’s higher self has and his/ her nature, an astrological chart can be cast and attention should be paid to one’s Midheaven. See example below on my own:


See this article for my work with my higher self, as well as that of others.

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