Invoking the Sun


I invoked the Sun today; why? Because I wanted a Solar angel that has wealth as specialty, and I had no one in my list like that aside from Lucifer. So I went ahead and performed the operation today, when the Sun was at its strongest in the afternoon.

When I did so, it took a second or two to get an answer and I was curious to see who would be sent to fulfill my request; then I saw an Angel dressed in completely yellow, with the same color eyes and blonde elf-like hair. He told me that he serves under Raphael and his name is Raquiel. He specializes in abundance, prosperity and wealth. Correspondence is 28° Leo, which stands for Cornucopia. I thank the Sun for its emissary and I have want I want. His seal is below.

If you want more information on all the planets in general, occult-wise see here


Seal Raquiel

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