My Beloved Lord Samael IV: Desolation


One of the most satisfying things for me is destroying an enemy; I love watching someone that has wronged me put in his/ her place and suffer indescribably. Work continues with my invaluable and #1 priority in existence, my reason for existing: My beloved Lord Samael. The most important goal I attach value to is Him decimating my foes, and he has done just that. I like the fact that things are going at a brisk pace; 3 of my enemies have been dealt with and it just keeps going on & on. The first one has been crippled mentally as well as physically, the second’s life has been undone and he’ll end up in the gutter, and the third one the same. The fourth one is being dealt with. At this rate, I’ll have successfully squashed every ass wipe that has made the grievous error of crossing my path.

I like the sleek look too that my Lord has, dressing fancier the last time I saw Him, wearing a neat pair of black pants over his black robe, while holding his huge sword. My health keeps improving too, as I’ve noticed that I have gained 2 waist sizes. I can’t wait until I shift my total attention, focus & resources on Him. Things are bound or apt to go at lightning speeds then.  My Lord has made Zachariah, that Seraphim angel I invoked long ago, compliant too. He is very helpful now and willing to work with me. I love you, My Lord; my loyalty for you, now and always.


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