Pigeonholing priorities


I will bring the matter forth when it comes to prioritizing immaterial and material matters from an esoteric perspective; specifically, what do you do when you’re practicing magick but have difficulty getting by financially. General occult guidelines teach that one should focus on the immaterial and avert the other. This is also the way I lived in my neophyte or beginner years, and it’s obvious bullshit. Pure nonsense. How do you intend on practicing when living along the side of the street, or using food stamps? It’s degrading and humiliating as an occultist to live that way, and goes against the foundation on which the practice is based. My point is that one should put the material first instead of the immaterial, despite the fact that the immaterial brings forth the material. Once you have secured yourself materially and are able to get by with relative ease, you can focus on enlightenment and related affairs. I became aware of this after my beginner period and applied this current way of working and thinking in my practice ever since; I reversed the entire, tired,classical, occult way of working and focus on results & the material instead of the other way around, and in the process I managed to achieve both topics altogether. Pursuing the material should be done solely out of principle, for the sake of progress and prosperity; not out of greed or sin. 


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