Intent is everything


Intent is everything in magick; magicians that ask when doing stuff for people, for names and dates of birth, etc. are most likely using systems other than ceremonial magick, but it doesn’t matter regardless. This is something that most people don’t know, and thus this article. I even have customers that think I’m a scammer sometimes because I don’t ask for this data.

Let me break it down, short and simple; your name, ethnicity (so race), background, whether it be social or political or whatever DOES NOT MATTER. Those are all material attributes that make part of the physical world, but you aren’t known as Peter or John when dead or in heaven/ hell; those are the names given to you in your current life cycle, provided that you have had or will have more lives. None of these things matter, I don’t think we as souls have names, but even if we do, they’re definitely not Peter or John. If we do have names as souls, then they’re unique and no other soul will have it/ them.

So hence no need for those; everything works by INTENT- the angels already know your name and what you want even before it is asked, most, if not all of the time. It’s simply a matter of officially stating that you want business done.

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