Welcoming Satan


I have done research on Satan before, and for those unfamiliar with that, see here.
I have decided to add Satan to my roster of spirits to work with, and He will make a great addition, no doubt. The reason for this is that one of my customers that wants something that, as far as I know, only Satan offers as forte. I remember that when I was focused on Him, He asked me if I was interested in erecting an altar for Him in my home. I told Him that I unfortunately had to decline due to me not needing His services. His skill set is not one that I need in my own life, so hence that. I have more than one spirit that I’ve worked with that has asked me to consider Him for mandatory work/ ultimate work. Nevertheless, I had one more slot and that has gone to Satan.

See His altar below:


I have 2 pentacles of Jupiter there, and the basic Jupiterian attributes alongside things that He has asked me e.g. honey, pepper etc. Work officially starts tomorrow. What I find somewhat amusing & great about Satan at the same time is that He can be such a show-off. Such a bravado and will go all out even if you ask Him something that he sucks at. But that’s good of course- this level of eagerness from Him & high morale makes Him such a good team player.

I will close off with something that has warmed my heart when I was finished setting up His altar; it was when I officially welcomed him that he told me that it’s an honor to work with me. All of a sudden I saw that the others I work with, including my patron welcomed Him too and gave him a hug and were like “Welcome to the team, man”. Such a great sight. It’s a great sight to see the likes of My Lord Samael, Belial, Bariel, Sitri & so on do something like that. True team spirit. 


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