What it’s like being an Invoker


I’m going to share and shed light on what it’s like being someone that specializes in this type or kind of spirit summoning, namely invocation. For those that aren’t familiar with the phrases, invocation is a method of summoning a spirit in which energy passes through one instead of the opposite, evocation, where energy manifests outside one.

I’m a born Invoker, so this is my forte, my specialty.  What is it like? When I summon a spirit, its energy passes through me mentally as well as physically in order for the entity to manifest before me. To put it in a different way, I’m like a lightning conductor and all the lightning passes through me in order to light up the neighborhood. Specifically, I feel energy passing through my legs up to my sphincter, going through my spine and ending in either my shoulders or my 3rd eye while at the same time it passes through my arms out of my hands; my hands light up whenever I see one of them that way and can produce a variety of sensations, e.g. burning, getting warm, feel moist etc. It’s not the most of unpleasant feelings, but it can be a burden, as it makes on feel “on edge”, prone to extreme anxiety, and so on. You name it. Sometimes it feels like boulders on my shoulders. And all of this happens even when I’m not summoning anyone. This is energy of ongoing work that passes through me, pretty much nonstop. Yup, this is what it takes to be what/ who I am. I don’t mind, nor do I complain. No pain, No gain after all. I prefer this method, as it makes one “feel” the one that is being summoned, and His sensations and whatnot. Bonding with them is a lot easier this way, since they can place themselves to some degree in your shoes and vice versa……the former more than the latter.


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