My beloved Lord Samael V: completion


I’m proud to announce that my Lord Samael has wiped out every enemy I have and dealt with every other person that has wronged me. My no. 1 goal with Him has come to completion, and the goal that I longed for the most to be accomplished. It’s been a little over 2 years, that’s how how long it took, including other things He’s given me. It is done in any case, as I’ve traumatized, institutionalized and placed my foes in the gutter for the rest of their lives. Excellent 😎. It is done, finally. It must have been close to a hundred people, with about fifteen severely dealt with. Now then….

I will become stronger as that will be my focus with Him; to become indestructible, figuratively speaking. I’m grinning as I’m thinking of the levels of power He’ll bestow upon me as I’m just getting started, and so is He. Nevertheless, marvelous and I almost want to open a bottle of champagne, but he insists I don’t waste money at this time. I’m so content right now. Feel so joyful & euphoric. Oh, my beloved Lord Samael; I will honor you like no other.




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