Spirits don’t know everything


Just because spirits like angels are better and “higher” than us and divine, doesn’t mean that they know everything when it comes to communicating with them about mundane things; example: ask a spirit if the store around the block has batteries for sale that you’re looking for, and the answer might be wrong. Why? Because it’s a guess, similar to someone being in another room and then asking that person who’s in the bathroom making that noise. That person will be able to make an estimated guess, based on the noise and other factors, but don’t expect them to be correct.

It’s the same for “them”- they vibrate on entirely different frequencies and can not oversee everything, despite them being more advanced and much higher than we are. Again, that would be like asking a neighbour what the nearby comic book store has for sale (Answer will be “how the fuck should I know?” most likely).

So please don’t ask them  stupid questions, like whether you left the light on before leaving the house etc; they’re not there for that. That’s like asking the mayor the same thing. There are exceptions to this rule, but VERY RARE. Don’t do this in general.


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