Ghost stories


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned in the past that I naturally draw spirits to me, or attract them but if not, then now you know; I have, over the course of my life, been pestered by them until I became an occultist at least once a year. I will tell my part of some of them, as well as general tales of the paranormal/ occult of which I have knowledge.

I donated blood ages ago to he local red cross and I forgot to eat and sleep one day before donating, which are basic requirements for doing so- I started feeling dizzy after donating, and wanted to head back into the office of the red cross and after taking a few steps forward, everything went dark all of a sudden; next thing you know, I wake up on the ground, unable to move. I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair for a day and still couldn’t function normally after that for the coming two weeks. I knew by the way that by the way it all had happened, with a permanent mark left on my arm, that it was supernatural in nature & went to go see someone, and she confirmed it; she told me that my suspicions were correct, and that I was assaulted in my weakened state after donating blood by a dead person that was bitter due to the fact that He had died there, at the red cross in his lifetime. I got better because she gave me something to remove the crippling effect of said attack. I still have the mark on my hand, and don’t feel like removing it, makes for a “nice souvenir”.

Another experience I have is that where I worked as a night watchman, also a long time ago and fell asleep at some point due to boredom; I had a dream where I was in an office and someone with a huge backpack stood in front of me, in my face and thereby suffocating me. I got upset and asked that person what the hell he was doing & woke up at that time, gasping for air. That’s when I saw a black man dressed in white, colonial clothing staring at me. Well, I didn’t or better said couldn’t sleep because of him for the rest of the night. Such a pain in the ass.

Back when I was a child, I remember at some point seeing two gothic-looking men standing over my bed, them letting me know without saying anything that they’re responsible for my agony. See the video for more:

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