Esoteric entrepreneurship II


Expanding on the first article on this topic, I will explain what the problems are and what needs to be kept in mind when being an occultist or esoteric person offering services.

. Purchasing power is immensely low; the majority of people seeking to buy occult wares are not well off financially like I state in this article. So it won’t be easy finding buyers.
. Finding a proper platform is not easy; very few online stores allow esoteric sellers, unless they sell tangible goods and even then, it’s slim pickings. It will also be hard to find related services that will smoothen the process of being in business, e.g. finding a payment processor that will accept your kind of business.
. High risk type of business; esoteric based services or psychic related services are deemed “high risk” in the commercial world, so you can imagine that the general public as a whole is reluctant for buying your wares and so on. The chance of fraud is high, and is legit since the majority of these kind of businesses are indeed fraudulent.
. Poor reputation; this line of business enjoys a poor reputation for reasons mentioned above, so forget about getting the benefit of a doubt.


Yeah…not easy doing this for a living, from a neutral perspective. That’s one of the reasons that magickal workbooks aka grimoires don’t talk about related ventures; most of them discuss, when it comes to wealth, things like treasure-finding and so on.

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