Learning how to manifest things with Belphegor


This article will be on a project that I’ve been working on for the past 2 months; I wanted to learn how to manifest things physically, so to create something literally out of thin air. The entity I worked with for trying to accomplish this is Belphegor.

He told me that it would take 2 months for Him to get things done, and in that time period I noticed more anger and hate welling up in me, amongst other things; energy and vivid shadows per example. I’m able to notice spirits passing by more easily than before. Afterwards, when ready I confirmed for myself that it was going to be a learning curve & that I’d have to practise, which I did. I tried manifesting things twice out of nothing, first off letting $300 appear in my balance online and secondly manifesting a blue spark physically.

For both exercise examples, I was able to create them astrally with great ease- but, unfortunately, the last bit failed; I wasn’t able to make them appear physically.
The reason for this after evaluating the matter was the same for why I can’t evoke- it isn’t in me to do so, and God hasn’t given me the ability to do so. This would fall under an exceptional reason that divination excludes, specifically a personal reason.
So this is the same more or less as a physical evocation and I’m an invoker, NOT an evoker. But I have grown from this project nevertheless; I can create something on the astral plane with swift efficiency, which wasn’t so much the case before. Not at such speed. See the video & His altar below:






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