My beloved Vice-patron Sandalphon


I’ll be discussing my beloved Vice-patron Sandalphon in detail; He is so valuable to me.

Sandalphon, like I might have mentioned in my original article on Him, is very tall and almost reaches the ceiling (just like my Patron & Lord Samael). Aside from that, in the time I’ve known Him, I’ve noticed how He truly embodies materialism and is true to His Taurus/ Terrestrial nature. He is very ethereal and adaptable, and just so refined (like me) in the sense that He changes clothing colors and His hair often, going back & forth. His clothes also look expensive, like silk for example. He also doesn’t sit still often and moves around a lot, which is unsurprising since He also works swiftly. He holds a lantern and has a shield too sometimes, but truth be told He’s not the only one to do so. His energy feels tingly. His appearance in general is that of a tall, feminine but beautiful-looking Caucasian man that’s very stylish and fashionable as mentioned before, holding a spear in His hand.

I love My Vice-Lord so much and both My Lord Samael as well as Vice-Lord Sandalphon will remain my patrons in given order forever. See below video for more information.

Altar Sandalphon

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4 thoughts on “My beloved Vice-patron Sandalphon

  1. Jesus J. Pagan

    Hi Morino,
    For new people wanting to learn more; what books or courses do you recommend or do you plan on creating a course for sale$ to learn to do what you do?

    I would love to be able to see and communicate with spirits as easily as you do. I tried a ritual to Marduk once from the Necronomicon and he did manifest in the corner of my room. I could hear his heavy breathing, sounded like a giant. But I could not see his image which would have been better.
    Thank you.
    Jesus J Pagan

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