Understanding the complexities of occult communication


In this article I’ll be discussing the complexities of occult communication; dealing with any type of occult method of working is highly complex to say the least, and it can be hard in the same fashion to be able to make full sense of everything, all the time. Pay close attention to what I say next in terms of elaboration of the aforementioned.

Any occult or esoteric technique is dependent or reliant on various factors such as your overall skill level in said method (not including a potential multitude of factors that lie outside your control). For example, working with a spirit towards a goal or objective..its success will rely on the aforementioned; the details not working out exactly as you anticipated has to do with your proficiency. You work with a spirit for money; spirit tells you ” you can expect $5000 at the end of the month in income “..that (obviously) doesn’t mean that that is LITERALLY going to happen (all the time)- Why?- because of what I said earlier; communication and you receiving the message as well as the result is as follows, outlined:

. Spirit: ” You get X amount of money in X time ”
. You: ” Okay ”

* Result: You get $2500 instead- reason? your skill level; the basic message of you getting money is understood by you, but the details not going exactly as you were told is neither your fault or the spirit’s…your skill level in general (and other misc. factors the likes of which I described earlier) are the reason.

The more skilled & proficient you become, in general as well as in your specific technique, the better the results (as is the case with all affairs in the world); see below video.

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