Magickal initiation isn’t necessary


Magickal initiation isn’t necessary, plain & simple

Don’t allow yourself if you’re someone that for example wants to practice the occult or any form of Magick, to be fooled into thinking that you need “permission” from those that see themselves as being “Masters of the Art”; a lot of esoteric orders out there or at least more than a few will have you believe that this is indeed the case & that if they don’t give you the green light to practice what they deem their form of Magick, you won’t be able to…as if they have the so called “rights to it”…(scoffs)… like some magickal copyright (lol). No one owns the right to anything.

I’m going to be blunt (the way I usually am) and spell if out for you: You don’t need magickal initiation; as a magician or practitioner, you can work with whatever spirit you want. No one will limit you but your own thinking and personal circumstances.

I doesn’t matter what kind of magick you practice, you do whatever you feel like, be it Angel, Demon, Pagan God(des), elemental spirit etc. etc. etc. See an example of ignorance here.

I have already pointed this out in the past but felt the need to write this piece; if the aforementioned were the case just imagine.. You’d need to be a Hindu to work with Hindu deities, Greek to work with Ancient Greek Gods & it just goes on…ludicrous.

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