My phone number for Whatsapp


Here my phone number for Whatsapp and general calling, but I warn you NOT to contact me here unless you have serious business inquiries; so ONLY for serious people.

+597 7112215 (country code is 597), OR click on this link.

5 thoughts on “My phone number for Whatsapp

  1. Kobby

    I love to know more have knowledge in how to summon spirit and work with them. But don’t have one to teach me, I bought the 6/7 book of Moses but don’t know how to use it pls can be a disciple? +31613588045

  2. Herstelle

    i would like to contact you I was thinking is it possible to find which spirit is right is right for me to work with by checking my natal chart Just curious. MY sun sign is Aquarius moon in Gemini Rising sign in cancer.

    I live in West London in Britain my number is +4407593228571

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