I’m an extreme alt right-ist


For those of you that don’t know, I’m an extreme alt right supporter, politically speaking; of course this article has nothing to do with occultism, the header already gives that away. Why am I affiliated with this movement?

I used to be anti-political and wanted nothing to do with politics, due to the fact that politicians globally tend to be nothing more than corrupt, vile individuals that betray the public/ masses. Then I saw what started happening in the Western world (my home) and boy, is it making my blood boil! From undocumented parasitic migrants from worthless nations flooding Western Europe because of the liberal elitists that opened the borders for them because they want to destroy their own countries and its culture, and want a dystopian world in which they solely rule over the worthless migrant masses thereby replacing western europeans…to Nutjob liberals in North-America trying to destroy logic and reason itself by identifying themselves as inanimate objects…This could spell the end for the west and it eerily reminds me of the fall of Western Rome. But the most troubling thing for me is how spineless the Alt right is, which makes up the majority of people in the west; how they don’t even remotely try to defend their way of life and culture, because they’re afraid to get hurt and lives ruined.

If it were me personally, provided I had the resources & support, I’d have founded a small army and civil war would’ve erupted. All hell would’ve broken loose!
I don’t mind The West falling; if it’s meant to happen, then so be it..but that does NOT mean that one should lie down and take it. From an occult perspective, Prophets like Nostradamus & Baba Vanga mentioned this; not saying that it’s 100% accurate, but at least somewhat as we’re seeing right now. I’m firmly against all of this.