Working with the Destroyer II: My Beloved Lord Samael


Hi again all,

In this article I will continue on the path that I have chosen with my number one priority in life, or at the very least occult life, which is my Patron, Lord Samael.

It has been over a year since I wrote the last article and although I haven’t been able to make significant improvements to my work with him, things have been going great. I am getting all I ask for and have absorbed his Martian influence considerably. I have not been able to keep track of the goal that I long for him to accomplish the most which is destroying my enemies but I am not worried since he guaranteed me that all will come in time; besides, it would be unfair of me to ask him to destroy around 100 people with what I’m offering him. Things that have gone for the better is him guiding me during summonings of other spirits; I place the items that I will use before an invocation of a new spirit on his altar in order to consecrate it, which is going great. I am also telepathically connected to him which enables me to not only communicate with him through the mind but also to other spirits as well. He has come to me on different occasions, for example when I was sick and told me that it was Karmic and I will have to “toughen it out”; I had food poisoning due to the fact that I bought too much food outdoors instead of cooking. On another occasion I saw him briefly beside my bed in the appearance of a knight keeping watch over me. I offered him Martian oil & Dragons Blood incense recently and I love the pure feeling of horror & dread that comes over me, like there is a giant standing behind me that has the power to wipe out an entire continent. I have also offered honey & alcohol which has boosted my health considerably overall. I haven’t been sick for, I think, longer then a year where I used to get sick once or twice a year by default. I also added the first pentacle of Mars from the GKoS which serves as a welcome amplifier. Lastly, in the past weeks he has shown me great things, but albeit things that would scare the living crap out of other people; him beheading Christ to show me that he has to be resurrected repeatedly, showing me the 5th heaven from my perspective (which looks like Eden really) and that he also has a certain influence over Thagirion; He also of course has a friendly side and referred me to Uriel for astrology if I wanted to & Michael to a lesser degree and said that despite their differences they’re still brothers and stood beside them. He can, negatively, be stubborn and demanding on occasion but I don’t mind. I also shortened my oration to him since the first and original was way to long.

Oration (short)