5 high-end Egregores for sale!!!


Hi Ladies & Gents,

I’m selling Egregores or Thoughtforms that I created for customers/clients in the past and that have defaulted on their agreements with me or similar; these guys are, as you see below, highly skilled and experienced. Keep in mind that in addition to all written below, they can also be programmed with additional tasks.

Here they are, in order of Name- Power Level- Specialty.

  • Enrique Divino- 1000- wealth through trading & agreements. Price: $1200- SOLD!!
  • Wealthbringer- 1000- wealth by all & any means necessary. Price: $1500- SOLD!!
  • The Negotiator- 4500- wealth through business deals & corporate affairs. Price: $2400- SOLD!!
  • The Caretaker- 100- bringing partners together, whether it be love or sex or anything relating to those. Price: $1600- SOLD!!
  • The Thief- 1000- all things of a shady & illegal nature & obtaining money through these. Price: $2500 (Reminder to see my disclaimer on my webstore page).

PS. the power levels are based on a scale of zero to ten (so 0-10)…see how strong they are 😎💪😉

Interested people can contact me here

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires)TransferWise & MoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-