Advertising opportunity



I offer advertising on my website as per today, and interested people can contact me here.

Why should I advertise on your website? 

Doing so will offer immense benefit, specifically a good deal of exposure and consequently a good deal of potential customers, due to the good traffic my site gets globally. See a screenshot of 2019 traffic below, as well as a video here.
Your ad will be free from ad blocker programs, since it’ll be hardcoded into my website.

Screenshot 2019

What kind of traffic do you get?

I run an occult website and YouTube channel, so people that are interested in the occult and related.

What are the rates and conditions?

Resolutions: 300×600– $1000 a month or 150×300– $500 a month.

You can provide the art design yourself, or I can do it for you if you’d like (recommended you submit your own to avoid a disagreement in personal taste). See above links for an idea of what they’ll look like, size-wise.

To sweeten the deal/As an extra, I can add the advertising to every new video I create from the date your Advertisement goes into effect. So before I start a topic in my video, I’ll be giving a shout out to you as a sponsor. This is included in above-mentioned prices.

Terms of Service/Conditions:

Payments must be submitted in advance, and no refunds given once purchase has been made after 24 hours (so cancellation is only possible within said time frame). Whether the ad will keep running regardless depends on the buyer’s wishes. If He or she does not make this clear, I am allowed to take matters in my own hands on whether the ad will stay or be removed.

Method of payment can be discussed via mutual agreement.