The research files vol. LXXII: Isis


I’ll be covering the egyptian goddess Isis in this article; She is one of the most well-known in general, worldwide. The egyptians worshipped her primarily as a sky, nature- and protector goddess and so on. See here for more info.

Isis is Venusian, unsurprisingly, (14° in Taurus- movement) and therefore has her forté in matters concerning nature, earth and to a lesser extent weather. Practical applications are money and agricultural endeavors for example. She is swift in her way of working, so one won’t have to wait long for results. Another thing she was revered for is her magical prowess, or affinity in magic; do keep in mind that this is not her forté, based on her aforementioned attributes. Based on what I’ve read, it would seem that she was counted on for nature and feminine- based matters more than protection and magic, but that doesn’t mean of course that one should rule these traits out.

It is interesting to note that the Order of the golden dawn’s first temple partially bore Her name, and they have a strong link with Isis. This book also further supports that.

Lastly, Isis appears as a beautiful woman dressed in egyptian wear with a bird-like headdress to me with an orb staff, and has a friendly & gentle touch. She did go topless for me for a moment, and told me that this is because she knows that I have a strong sex drive.
This article is also interesting, denoting why she is depicted as having wings, despite the fact that it was obvious to me.


Remote viewing


Remote viewing is a lot like Astral traveling, but still different; I have experience in this, and will share them below. By doing so, you are able to get information on a target or object by thinking about a target in astral form and you will see it or him/ her in front of you in the period of time etc. as determined by you.

If interested in how to do so, see this video.
I focused on this in the past, a year approximately ago and did get results, but they regressed later on as time went by to the point where the exercise failed. I first thought about an australian politician, and saw her and related in front of me with details etc. & would later look up on whether the statements given to me in astral form were true, and for the first three or four practises I did, they were. I had a 90% success rate this way. I also visited several places, including Argentina, Canada and so on and everything was on the dot. And I’m talking detailed information, I saw monuments and ferris wheels that are really present in those locations. But as mentioned before, everything just regressed to the point where my 90% rate turned into a 5%. So I stopped. Interesting to know is that the US government has also dealt and focused on this in the past, see here.


The research files vol. LXXI: Baphomet


It’s Baphomet’s turn to be written about; What do I know about Him off the top of my head? That He was an entity worshipped by the Knights Templar in the crusader time period & that He is unjustly seen today or nowadays as a symbol for the devil (which doesn’t exist).

Now it’s time for facts about Baphomet from an occult perspective; He’s Lunar (Cancer, 8°- cunning) and quite the skilled one. Does well in matters of clairvoyance, money, and good fortune. Interesting story too from back in the day, as a beginner. I remember, when mastering astral traveling, seeing Baphomet once hovering above my physical body while being in astral form. I didn’t know what it meant back then, and honestly don’t know now even, I can merely speculate but it’s not worth to spend time, let alone resources on finding out. Most likely a preview of things to come or He was just drawn to me due to the magical activity. Baphomet can frequently be seen displaying the armsigns for as above, so below.


The Research files vol. LXX: Adrammelech


I shall be doing Adrammelech today; He is known as a God that was worshipped in biblical times.

“2 Kings 17:31 reports: “The Sepharvites burned their children in the fire as sacrifices to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim” (NIV). The Sepharvites are given as a people deported by the Assyrians to Samaria. Adrammelech and the god Anammelech (about whom likewise little is known) are again seemingly alluded to in 2 Kings 18:34: “Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim, Hena and Ivvah? Have they rescued Samaria from my hand?” (NIV). Isaiah 36:19 has an almost identical passage”.

I remember this, and what I also remember is that Adrammalech rules Samael, the Qliphoth. When I visited back then, He appeared as a black stallion, galloping around me and also when I did the black sun exercise. He asked me to write on Him and thus I am. I had the information on Him back when a customer asked me about Him due to an experience he had where he was saved by Him from drowning or something similar.
Adrammalech is Jupiterian (Pisces, 25°- fantastic) and radical at that, like most that are associated with the Qliphoth. But He is a pagan god as mentioned before and was most likely demonized by Christians. I must point out, lastly, that a lot of Spirits in the Goetia as well as the Qliphotic rulers are either Lunar, Jupiterian or Martian. Adrammelech is good for money and overall success, aside from clairvoyance. Drawback in dealings with Him is that He holds back and restricts himself, but as He puts it “I don’t hold back, I am merely careful”. So He has rules & morals in the sense of what He will do and what He won’t; kind of funny, for a pagan God. But clearly, even Gods have morals.

PS. Moloch, who shares rule with Satan regarding Thaumiel is Martian (22° in Aries- amusement). See pagan Gods II.


The research files vol. LXIX: Miraqua


I am making a documentation for myself; I have just been approached by an angel named Miraqua who offered his services to me. I am currently behind my laptop as usual, and saw a tall figure to my left out of the corner of my eye. And there He was, wearing a pink robe and tall. Even His eyes are pink. He preferred I document Him, since He has heard a lot about me and my current financial manager Raquiel knows Him. I did the lookup on Him, and He’s lunar (Cancer, 19°- dilettante) and has some potential, but restricts himself which makes me doubt on whether I’ll be able to ever get a chance to work with Him. Nevertheless, He’s still one to keep in mind and hence this article. We shall see. He specializes in money.


The research files vol. LXVIII: Seth


I’ll be covering the Egyptian God Seth today; He was known by the egyptians as God of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners.

Seth is solar in nature (10° in Leo- persistence) and is a powerful one thus. He is an excellent business partner for the abovementioned affairs, as well as all matters in general. I do need to point out however that Seth is not the type that knows order as (again) mentioned before; So don’t expect Him to go to work neatly for you when engaging with Him, in terms of results. Regarding appearance it’s the typical man with the head of a jackal or a canine-like animal. Seth does have a gruff voice, but that is to be expected of His nature. I have no experience in dealing with Set, other than superficially. So that’s it.


The research files LXVII: Apollo


The greek god apollo was worshipped by the greek people as god of the Sun; I shall be writing about Him.

Apollo is Mercurial, NOT Solar (Virgo, 3°- productive) and a strong one at that. He is good for financial prosperity, health (physical) and getting work done in general. If one wishes to reach his ambitions, Apollo is a pagan god with whom that can be achieved (of course He’s not the only one). Appearance is a man with red hair, wearing only pants or undergarments (so bare-chested), with bow and arrows. Little else to be said.

Read here for information on Him; needless to say, as is the case in general, He can also do the opposite regarding his attributes (disease & poverty).


The research files vol. LXVI: Baldr


The norse God Baldr was a brother of Thor, and was the god of joy & the summer, for one. I’ll be doing Him today.

Baldr is Martian (11° in Aries- changeable) and thusly “good” for all martian affairs, and that’s His strong suit. Aside from that, He also deals well with money & fertility matters so He really is a lot like Thor in that regard. In Norse mythology, His death also brings about the end or Ragnarok, as it’s called.
The description “In addition to being loved by all gods and more physical beings, he was so handsome, generous, and good that he gave off light simply by the purity of his character” denotes His personality. His appearance is that of a blonde man in norse clothing, but He can easily change his demeanor based on the operator, which He did with me.

Baldr is basically the norse version of Lucifer, as in being the “lightbringer”.


The research files vol. LXV: Iapetus


I’ll be discussing another Titan God this time, and I must say that the Titans really pack a punch, they really impress me with their power. Celestials are undisputed, and infernals coming in second but man, Gods like these impress me with their power & skill.

Iapetus is the one on point today, and He was also like his brother Cronus a ruler during the golden age. He is known for his craftsmanship & mortality. All of these things are true, as Iapetus does indeed cover those things, so learning an art form, work in general, rising to the top in whatever field you wish to desire or life overall, financial success & otherwise and clairvoyance (dealings with the dead/ death). Regarding appearance, He appears as a blonde, somewhat bulky man wearing armor and a spear with a viking helmet. He also has a purple glow to Him when disappearing.

PS name means “piercer” & He’s Jupiterian (29° in Sagittarius- artist) with strong Saturnian influences (Capricorn).