The Research files vol. XLII: Tzaphkiel


I invoked the archangelTzaphkiel due to the fact that I had bought a laptop that crashed after just a few days because I disabled updates on Windows 10; Tzaphkiel rules Saturn with its zodiac signs Aquarius & Capricorn. The former deals with technology generally speaking, hence it being linked with the planet Uranus too. This laptop gave me so such trouble, that, after trying everything I was on the verge of throwing it away, but then I thought of doing this.

When Tzaphkiel appeared, He looked like a modern gothic figure, dressed in a black robe with a staff in hand and long, black hair; He also wore a longhat in the beginning, but removed it later on. I performed a one-time invocation and He told me to place the laptop on the altar, and afterwards His seal on it when starting it. The impossible happened: it started up! Drawback is that, as His energy faded over time (1hr.), so did the laptop’s functionality. I committed to ultimate work, but even that didn’t work due to a lack of resources. Pictures of the altar, etc. and a unique seal He gave me are here. Watch the video too if you want, explains everything better.




Is Christian-based magick ineffective for Muslims?


In the time that I’ve been offering my services for hire as a magician, I’ve had a couple of interested consumers that were Muslim/ Arab/ Islamists & things did not go well at all when dealing with them; they overall displayed bad manners/ etiquette, like asking 21 questions before ordering anything, changing their mind all of a sudden etc. Very vexing.
After this, I told myself that I wasn’t going to help Muslims or “Middle-Easterners” anymore; the notion of this kept lingering in the back of my head and I did research on it, because of this; plus, my intuition told me that something was “off” regarding this topic.

It turns out that Christian magick (e.g. Solomonic, Western Ceremonial etc.) overall is generally ineffective when it comes to performing work on behalf of a Muslim, as divination points out; the work is being done, but a higher power is rendering it ineffective and/ or neutralizing it. Mind you, it is ineffective when being done on behalf of them, so at their request, NOT when aimed at them. No problems with the latter and in practicing for myself ( obviously).

Reason for this? Well, Christendom & Islam have been at war with each other since the beginning of time, so to speak. Seriously, look it up. Now, I’m not saying that God Himself is preventing anything be done for Muslims in this case, but I can’t phrase it any differently. Islam holds entirely different beliefs generally than Christianity. Jinn, for example is the Arabic word for spirit. Again, it’s not that the spirits I work with are secretly not doing the work; they are, but it’s nullified. Doing work for “the enemy”, it seems, is not allowed. So this is exception #5, in regards to this article.

The secret to power


I’m going to go deep into the secret to drawing in as much power is possible, or extracting as much energy as possible from a spirit in workings.

There are 2 things one needs to keep in mind:

A. Bonding; if you’re going to work with a spirit, do so because you want to and not just because you want results (similar to working a job you only do for the money). It has to be generally because you feel drawn to Him/ Her. Spend time with Him/ Her, getting to know that spirit and so on.
B. Gift Giving; if someone on the street won’t even give you $5 for no reason, why would a spirit that is much, much better than the average person? The way of the world is give something, take something; energy for energy, tit for tat. If you want a spirit you’re working with to give you as much as possible in the way of results, you’ll have to reciprocate via the same medium. Generally a spirit will want things relating to His/Her sphere. Examples are Martian spirits- red gemstones (Garnet) & weapons of war, Venusian spirits- green gemstones (Emerald) & plants.

If you want a spirit you’re working with to make you rich, then wealth gifts will do in general (gold, silver, and so on). They will also tell you what they’d like in some cases.
Most of the goals I’ve achieved that are noteworthy have been because of my above mentioned method of operation. This is what it takes to break the bank and make the ground quake. The only thing left is time, since it will simply be a matter of time before you get what you want. Don’t forget the exceptions I mention in workings as I mentioned in this article. Below a few images as an example.



The altar to my patron, the Archangel Lord Samael; He rules Mars, so as you can see: weapons galore on His altar.


The old altar to my financial manager, the Archangel Sandalphon; He corresponds to Earth & Venus, so as you can see: plants and earth-based items (e.g. salt, sugar)


  • I have all of this confirmed via my own divinations, so this method of working is set in stone. My point is clear regarding this article.

The occult world


This piece is for people that want to know what the occult world looks like; I will explain in a nutshell what one can expect if one were to take an interest in the occult and engaging with other occultists, whether it be superficially or extensively.

I’ll start right off by saying that the occult is dualistic in nature; the knowledge & power are very real, but its practitioners are hopelessly impractical in general. Most of them are broken individuals whose lives are filled with pain, suffering and misery, and they look for a quick and easy solution in the occult, similar to a get-rich-quick scheme. Its veteran practitioners in general will have tremendous difficulty answering straightforward questions regarding their practice and will come up with excuses as to cover up their own failures or shortcomings in their workings, with very few having to show significant success as merit for their skill in the craft, and will criticize each other excessively.

Online forums and social media groups (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) that are occult in nature have the same issues as mentioned above; people seeking occult-based help for free or similar, and bashing each other is common. Impractical topics are being discussed in general that have little to no practical value.

That is pretty much it; The occult does truly possess divine power, but it’s practitioners are anything BUT divine, generally speaking, and this is the main reason for why I want nothing to do with other occultists in general; if you, reader, would like to know more about the occult and immerse yourself in it, all the while evading the above-mentioned negativities, I suggest you do things the proper way and know what you want, why you want it, etc; get organized about your occult wants & needs. See my article on magick for beginners too, if you will. Anyone looking for serious,real guidance is also welcome to ask me for it via my contact form (NOT for free of course).

Becoming wealthy with Sandalphon


There He is! My new financial manager, after I said goodbye to Clauneck. No one other than the Archangel Sandalphon, the ruler of Malkuth (Earth in the Kabbalah). I was a bit lost after issues with Clauneck (no offense to Him), and after deliberating for a while and discussing the matter with my patron, He called Sandalphon and His words were “I’ll take good care of you”. I asked Him a few questions too regarding his background, and He told me as follows:

“He rules no heaven, but has access to all of them; Michael rules 7th; he also has fertility towards women as speciality, was the prophet Elijah, but God turned Him into what he is now. He can also teach how to manifest things physically, but not his forte. Delivers prayers to God, and is therefore swift in performance. His name is a reference to sandalmaker”

The information listed below is also correct as confirmed by Him, taken from the book “A dictionary of Angels”, by Gustav Davidson.

Info from A dic. of Angels

Work with Him started in Februari 2017 and He was the one that lead me to become a magician for hire and open up my webshop; I was against the idea due to the target audience or group not being the most profitable (so loosely put, that most people that seek out the occult are broke losers), but He persisted and was like “Just do it, you’ll see”.
It’s been little about over half a year now and I went through several minor changes, like business boosting and so on- I’m the one bringing customers in, managed & influenced by Him through my own skill, NOT sitting back and not doing anything after all. I have invested quite a lot in Him too (e.g. gemstones, silver etc), but more than worth it to say the least. See results as per today, December 27th, 2017 below in USD.

Sandalphon $$$

The average person in my location makes $200 a month; I make THIS, with much more coming. I moved from a one bedroom apt. to a 3 bedroom upper house, upper class with 2 bathrooms as an example and can afford to buy a new car every 4 months or so. This is what effective practicing can get you. His altar below:


See the video below for more details:


104034_Obv 104033_Slab


The art & benefits of planetary magick


I’m going to discuss what benefits planetary magick have, which are really good. In reality it can be seen as one great asset, which is that as a magician, one can count on a celestial body for “sending” one a spirit that is the most suited for the task at hand. I have demonstrated and written about notable examples in my previous articles, e.g. on The Sun, Venus and so on.

Even if one were to work and call down or absorb planetary energies, that is how they’d work in most cases. The only exception, in which I have extensive experience, is planetary magick via the Greater ritual of the Hexagram. Alas, it has no real practical benefit, since you only absorb the energy of a planet or zodiac sign and the ritual takes a while too (30 minutes min.)

As mentioned before, asking or petitioning a planet for a spirit that specializes in a certain matter is an excellent option, if you can’t find one that does so or don’t know one.
Example is that if you wanted someone for becoming a musician, Venus would be able to send you someone that’s perfect, since Venus deals with artforms; much better than wading through workbooks or grimoires looking for one that might not even be adept at that.


Appearances in books vs. reality


Many magickal workbooks and related display spirits or portray them once summoned as grotesque creatures that look like they’ve leaped straight out of a horror movie. The reality and truth of the matter is that this is generally not the case, depending which system is being utilized. Most of them hide behind such an appearance; think of it like a “poker face”, hiding their true selves until you have proven that you’re worth their trust etc. It’s simple actually, as we as people do this in the same way; you only show who you truly are once you feel at ease with a person in general. Examples:

. The spirit Sitri in books: Leopard form- in reality: Man with skyblue/ orange robe.
. The spirit Satan in books and lore: Serpent- in reality: Man in black Roman soldier/ Roman emperor getup.

One of the things that plays a vital role is the way you treat them; Be respectful and pure of intent and they won’t appear as hideous overall. On the other hand, if you think that you’re going to treat them like slaves, barking orders and whatnot, then prepare for a toothless, one-eyed monster or something similar. He’s showing you His ugly side.