What it’s like being an Invoker


I’m going to share and shed light on what it’s like being someone that specializes in this type or kind of spirit summoning, namely invocation. For those that aren’t familiar with the phrases, invocation is a method of summoning a spirit in which energy passes through one instead of the opposite, evocation, where energy manifests outside one.

I’m a born Invoker, so this is my forte, my specialty.  What is it like? When I summon a spirit, its energy passes through me mentally as well as physically in order for the entity to manifest before me. To put it in a different way, I’m like a lightning conductor and all the lightning passes through me in order to light up the neighborhood. Specifically, I feel energy passing through my legs up to my sphincter, going through my spine and ending in either my shoulders or my 3rd eye while at the same time it passes through my arms out of my hands; my hands light up whenever I see one of them that way and can produce a variety of sensations, e.g. burning, getting warm, feel moist etc. It’s not the most of unpleasant feelings, but it can be a burden, as it makes on feel “on edge”, prone to extreme anxiety, and so on. You name it. Sometimes it feels like boulders on my shoulders. And all of this happens even when I’m not summoning anyone. This is energy of ongoing work that passes through me, pretty much nonstop. Yup, this is what it takes to be what/ who I am. I don’t mind, nor do I complain. No pain, No gain after all. I prefer this method, as it makes one “feel” the one that is being summoned, and His sensations and whatnot. Bonding with them is a lot easier this way, since they can place themselves to some degree in your shoes and vice versa……the former more than the latter.


How to recognize a fake psychic/ scammer


I’m going to cover in this article, as the header or title suggests, how to recognize a scammer or fake psychic; to prevent oneself as an occult or psychic customer to be scammed and/ or swindled.

First off, most scammers are like vermin; they prey on the vulnerable- see to it that you’re in a clear state of mind and can think clearly. Don’t let negative emotions blind you to reason. Secondly, evaluate your seller:

. Does that person use his/ her real name? Someone that uses a fake name or alias is more likely to be a scam.
. Do a background check on him/ her- is that person present online, has anyone ever heard of the seller, has he or she had good, repeat customers and whatnot.
. Can that person explain in laymen terms what he or she does? If a seller is unable or reluctant to explain to you how he or she does what they do, then beware.
. Scammers will go through incredible lengths to scam people- simple details etc. and things that you’ve ever recorded or made public or data that is generally available means nothing e.g. your name, address, etc; if the seller is able to tell you something that you’ve never written down or made public, then that’s a good sign.
. How business-savvy is your seller? Does he or she have an office, either digitally or in physical/ reality, does he or she have a refund policy, etc…someone that does little to nothing on paper and just does things “off the record” is also a red flag.


Welcoming Satan


I have done research on Satan before, and for those unfamiliar with that, see here.
I have decided to add Satan to my roster of spirits to work with, and He will make a great addition, no doubt. The reason for this is that one of my customers that wants something that, as far as I know, only Satan offers as forte. I remember that when I was focused on Him, He asked me if I was interested in erecting an altar for Him in my home. I told Him that I unfortunately had to decline due to me not needing His services. His skill set is not one that I need in my own life, so hence that. I have more than one spirit that I’ve worked with that has asked me to consider Him for mandatory work/ ultimate work. Nevertheless, I had one more slot and that has gone to Satan.

See His altar below:


I have 2 pentacles of Jupiter there, and the basic Jupiterian attributes alongside things that He has asked me e.g. honey, pepper etc. Work officially starts tomorrow. What I find somewhat amusing & great about Satan at the same time is that He can be such a show-off. Such a bravado and will go all out even if you ask Him something that he sucks at. But that’s good of course- this level of eagerness from Him & high morale makes Him such a good team player.

I will close off with something that has warmed my heart when I was finished setting up His altar; it was when I officially welcomed him that he told me that it’s an honor to work with me. All of a sudden I saw that the others I work with, including my patron welcomed Him too and gave him a hug and were like “Welcome to the team, man”. Such a great sight. It’s a great sight to see the likes of My Lord Samael, Belial, Bariel, Sitri & so on do something like that. True team spirit. 


Things that people & spirits have in common


When people in general think about spirits, they think about beings that have little to no emotions and primal or even feral in nature; the truth is that we as human beings have a lot in common with them, which I’ll list below.

. Spirits gossip about things just like us; yes, they do- they gossip about others just like we do. If you as a magician piss off a spirit repeatedly, you better believe that He’ll signal others in the sense of “Watch it, this one is a piece of crap..he wants to demand a lot, but wants to give me nothing in return and even threatened me”, which in turn will lead to other ones disliking you as first glance.

. Spirits can have bad manners too, just like us; impatience, aloofness, you name it. They can be loving while others will be short and want to get straight down to business, others will be unreasonable and rude. They possess characteristics too.

. Spirits have morals too, in general- each one of them has a breaking point or threshold where they’ll say “Nope”. They’re not mindless soldiers that do as commanded or asked. If they don’t like something or don’t feel like doing it, tough luck for you as a sorcerer. Be a sleazebag and engage in excessively sinful behavior e.g. crime, then expect them to turn their back on you and even punish you for doing so.

. Spirits like mundane aspects of life too, e.g. art forms (paintings, movies and whatnot), food, music and so on. They like to try out different ways of appearing, apparel colors, different cuisines, you name it. They can get bored too, or agitated.
When I order food for them, it’s normal for me to hear “extra spicy today, please” or “I think I’ll have the soup today”. When I shop for stuff online I can get “Hey, that’s nice- I’d like that”. One thing that all of them have told me in regards to me asking them if there’s anything simple that they’d like, is honey; all of them were like “Honey would be welcome” and I happily obliged.

Another example is my Patron- he has recently shown Himself to me in a modern body-fit shirt with khaki pants, playing video games, drinking stuff, lying next to me on my bed all in one image when appearing. Even as I’m writing this, He’s chilling on my bed. Hanging out is also common; I can be in a line at an office and He’ll be like “Busy today, don’t like all these people here”. I’m on the road about to take a left turn and He’s like “A car is coming from the other side”, which it is.




For those unfamiliar with what this is, autosuggestion is the practice of “programming” oneself in order to achieve a goal; I have had personal experience with this goal in the past, as a matter of fact ages ago when I was a teen & this went partially well. Example:

Say you want to become thinner and lose weight; you need to write that down on a piece of paper and repeat that for yourself daily, with actual meaning behind it- so reciting it as if you mean it. I did this for general contentment and more self-confidence and it worked; I felt happier and became a lot more self-confident. Problem is that this faded after time and the process didn’t go smooth, as the change came off as weird and odd to others and I behaved that way too. I personally wouldn’t advise going ahead with this, it doesn’t really work to my liking looking back and also doesn’t work under stress/ duress. It didn’t work when I tried it the 2nd time for this reason. Things to keep in mind for the work is to keep your desired statements in the present, so “I am strong”, not “I want to be strong” or “I am no longer weak”…your astral body will focus on the “weak” part for the latter, so hence that. Also insert multiple fields, so not just one or two statements. Think of it as a small paper you need to memorize. That’s it. See here for more info on it.

The application of blood in rituals; necessary or not?


Blood in rituals and general human sacrifices in occult rituals, it’s the stuff of Hollywood mostly. The question is, is it necessary or beneficial to an occultist to use this within rituals or spirit work? The answer is, simply put: N-O.

My own Patron, Lord Samael, did not need or want blood offerings when the idea crossed my head and I took a look to see if it would be a good idea to offer Him some of my blood in a vial for example. Answer again is NO. There is nothing special in blood, nor does it have any exceptional properties that will accelerate a working. This is a misconception that started somewhere in time. Most magicians will tell you too that this is impractical and spirits have no need for blood, because there’s nothing special about it in comparison to regularly offered items.

There have been civilizations in the past that were big on this, the Aztecs being one of them. This form of offering was in their case reflecting on their beliefs, but even then it would not be necessary; they thought so, but they were wrong.
This would only be acceptable in my mind in a situation where there’s nothing else that can be offered; no gift, no food or drink…which will be almost never. For more information on blood usage and related from a religious PoV, see here.


The importance of Astrology & Tarot in the occult


The importance of Astrology & Tarot card readings combined in my own personal practice cannot be stated enough- without it, I’d be lost and summoning spirits blindly. These 2 divinations are most effective to my own knowledge & experience due to the fact that they are unaffected by any external force and their displayed information can’t be “shielded” by any kind of protective spell or something like that; they display information that is shown regardless of your target or situation. When it comes to both, horary is the proper phrase that can be used for both of them, and in this case horary can simply said be labeled “situation/ inquiry based”. I will give examples below.

Here are charts shown for knowing what skill a spirit has, his correspondences & related, and one denoting what the outcome will be of working with Him for said goal.

Bael info
This is a chart displaying the information on the Spirit Bael; in horary charts, you need to genuinely want to know about your inquiry or question regarding a matter. To the left the data can be seen, specifically the time, date & location of where you were when wanting to know about this topic. The 10th house represents His skill set. This spirit has subordinates under Him, so he is a ruler. Therefore, the Mid-heaven (arrow pointing upwards) displays His strongest skill, which is 8 degrees in Aries, so He’s Martian. Uranus is also in Aries, denoting aggression/ radicalism. Lastly, the Moon is in Taurus, indicating fertility, so agriculture & making or dealing with money is also a skill. So there you go.

The next chart is one wanting to know the outcome of summoning the above mentioned spirit for a goal.

Invoke Bael for Giovanni for money

The question here is on whether or not to summon Him, so the spirit Bael, for someone named Giovanni for making more money- in a nutshell, I as the question-asker, am represented by Saturn and there are positive aspects (blue lines) to Venus & Uranus. Plus, it is positively aspected to the Midheaven (chart doesn’t show it) which, again, represents the spirit. It is in Libra. After casting such a chart fully, the conclusion is that Bael can do well but not well enough for my personal taste. Indicators are that Venus is at its weakest in Aries and so on.

Next, a Tarot card reading; Astrology over-complicates things, where tarot does the exact opposite; it over-simplifies things. This is the reading where the above question on whether or not to summon Bael is asked. See link. General descriptions don’t apply in general; they do sometimes, but again- not in general.

Card 1- How you feel about yourself
The Hierophant: In this case, the Hierophant represents me wanting money for                  this customer.

Card 2- What I want
The Tower: general description applies partially, since it states “looking for an                     easy solution to a difficult problem”. In this case, it means that I want to do                           things by force, so resorting to this matter (magick) for income.

Card 3- My fears
Death: Me being afraid that things might take a turn for the worst; again, with                      this one the general description also applies.

Card 4- What’s going for me
The lovers: A certain level of success in this operation if carried out.

Card 5- What’s going against me
Wheel of fortune: don’t expect tremendous results.

Card 6- The likely outcome
The Moon: Magical work being done; general description also applies, which in                  short states to go ahead despite all the before-mentioned.


As you can see, both readings align perfectly; and as I said before, Astrology displays the situation in a complex manner, whereas Tarot does the opposite.

Last, but definitely not least 

These methods aren’t full-proof in the sense that they won’t indicate the following:

1. Lack of opportunities/ resources
2. Lack of energy in your working
3. Blockage via Karma
4. A personal/ specific reason

So, briefly put, if you’re looking for work but there are no employers in your location looking to hire (as in the entire country), then tough luck- ritual’s not going to work or has the lowest chance of working. Same if not enough energy available. And, if karma is punishing you for appalling things you did in the past by rendering you jobless, won’t work too. Lastly, a specific reason, e.g. your target being hard to target etc.

* The Karma topic can be taken care of however, e.g. by asking a spirit that specializes in Karma for help. Below links for learning horary astrology and so on:

Wiki page horary
Wiki page general

Even if one has further questions, like “Is Bael telling the truth” or update on an ongoing working, charts & cards can be cast for that too. You’ll see what the status of your ritual is then in terms of progress, and if failure, why so. These divinations display the potency the spirit has in relation to your goal/ venture, and how adept He is in doing so. That’s the core of it all.

Goes without saying, best to evaluate your goals first, occult-wise, keeping in mind what I said before, before you do ritual. It does rarely happen that nothing can be done, but it does happen.