Invoking the Sun


I invoked the Sun today; why? Because I wanted a Solar angel that has wealth as specialty, and I had no one in my list like that aside from Lucifer. So I went ahead and performed the operation today, when the Sun was at its strongest in the afternoon.

When I did so, it took a second or two to get an answer and I was curious to see who would be sent to fulfill my request; then I saw an Angel dressed in completely yellow, with the same color eyes and blonde elf-like hair. He told me that he serves under Raphael and his name is Raquiel. He specializes in abundance, prosperity and wealth. Correspondence is 28° Leo, which stands for Cornucopia. I thank the Sun for its emissary and I have want I want. His seal is below.

Seal Raquiel


The Research files vol. XXXVIV: Fro’ghla’tasch


Fro’ghla’tasch from EA Koetting’s book of Azazel is another spirit that is adept at love/ sex related matters. I also invoked Him way back and again, no result. But again, due to a lack of opportunities than anything else. Here below a page out of His book:



I can’t remember what Fro’ghla’tasch looked like when I summoned Him, but he is Venusian in nature (Libra, 2°) & quite skilled when it comes to related matters, so yes: Love & sex and building/ creating any kind of relationship with someone, whether it be social, friendship or more is doable with Him. He will do so in a good and balancing way. Very interesting to see an infernal being so sensitive and working in such a cool manner.


The Research files vol. XXXVIII: Sidragosum


It has been ages ago or at least seemed that way when I called forth this guy, and he stems from the grimoire Grimorium Verum; It is no other than the bringer of sex as the grimoire describes Him, the spirit Sidragosum. In short, when I invoked Him back then, the working failed but due to a lack of resources rather than His own shortcomings. Nevertheless, He will make a fine addition to my list of spirits suited for love/ sex.

Sidragosum is Aquarian in nature (28°), and therefore Saturnian, but the drawback is that he lacks power, as the research suggests. But experience indicates that He more than makes up for that with sheer eagerness, and reminds me a bit of Satan here. He is very determined and will do His very best for you. This is just another example to not take what a grimoire says at face value. The devil lies in the details. I remember when I invoked Him, he appeared as an alien-looking like creature with sharp fangs and being small in stature. He did make odd requests from me, but other than that nothing to note. To be honest, He is a jack of all trades and deals in all Aquarian matters, as well as psychic affairs. So not specifically sex. He’ll do so in general by having you socialize with people or something similar and will get you sex that way.

A self-made seal was used that is made with a Hebrew Rose cross.


Why most occultists are poor


Yup; it’s time for that talk again, one that numerous others have covered. But I felt still like doing so after a talk about this with someone last night. Occultists in general are poor and have or lead unstable financial lives and worst yet, most occult theories teach or preach that this is just the way things are. I obviously call bullshit on this one. It is realistically possible to become filthy rich by utilizing the occult.

Reasons for occultists and the occult community being broke are varying, but in general they are just that due to having that as a character trait; an example I can give is that I have at least 2 friends that have Jupiter going retrograde in their natal chart in the 2nd house, which means them being poor as fuck.
Other reason is that they’re irresponsible and fritter money away quicker than they can earn it and/ or live above their pay grade.
Lastly, their practices are ineffective; they just perform rituals without any clear or long lasting results.

It is true unfortunately, they are in general nothing but a bunch of bottom feeders & parasites. But the occult isn’t the reason that they are that way; that’s like blaming a car for not being able to take you where you want to go. You are the catalyst, period. Blame the man, not the system. I have no issues with money thanks to my own skill and talent; and I don’t have to work some boring, dull or mundane job (which I hate). I practice magick for a living and all is well, and this is only the beginning for me. I make more now a month than I have working mundane jobs for 8 years. So it can be done.


The mental drawbacks that the occult can have


The occult and practicing magick can have its drawbacks too; a magician that deals with summoning and dealing with energy can experience negative things such as a whole slew of mental negative emotions, e.g. anxiety, depression, fear, self-loathing, disgust and so on. Doesn’t have to be the case, but it is more often than not. It’s similar to athletes and how they frequently experience broken bones, torn tendons and muscles and so on; They ache physically, and a magician can ache mentally. You need to be strong as a mage and when I say strong, I mean Iron Man levels of strong. If you’re not, then you better become so quickly if you don’t want to lose your mind, because that is a definite possibility. One can drown in astral waters, so learn how to swim and stay afloat.

My personality is of such a nature that I have karmic vibes, thereby meaning that if I perform heavy operations (which I am non-stop pretty much) I feel the burn mentally. As is the case at the moment, I wake up every morning bombarded my thoughts of anger, hate, and vengefulness towards my enemies more or less. Neurosis and self-delusive thoughts hit me from time to time like waves, but I am able to manage them. As the saying goes, no pain no gain. Being a magician is not all getting what you want via ritual and not having to endure any negative side-effects. There is nothing that can be done about this, as this is who I am to the core as my natal chart clearly displays. This also applies in general. I don’t mind because I’m aware of all of this. I am willing to go through whatever lengths I need to go through in order to become stronger. It’s all or nothing.


The research files vol. XXXVII: Paimon


I very recently got to invoking the Goetic spirit Paimon, and I have always wondered about Him somewhere in the recesses of my mind; I consider Him a “heavy hitter”, like Belial and Lucifer. The Goetia lists Paimon as having a wide array of skills, treasure revealing & the arts to name a few.

When I did research on Him, he turned out to be Lunar (Cancer, 14°); A degree which stands for a…you guessed it, wide array of skills; handicrafts, the arts, math & finance.
Then it dawned on me; it explains the “being able to reveal things in the soil and the waters” bit & the association with the West, since the Moon deals with these things too (Cancer confers to the soil and the earth too from an horary perspective). The Moon also rules water as an element. When invoking Him, he took on the traditional goetic look of a man riding a dromedary, a beautiful man at that too. Wearing blue and having a diplomatic-like voice. He was, as the Goetia lists again, accompanied by 2 assistants whom he dismissed after he saw that I’d rather not have them there. He also had a tail, but did away quickly with that too. He’s thanking me for this writing as I am typing this. I also remember Him wearing some kind of male tiara with a gem in the middle, so on his forehead. Paimon’s a perfectionist, and it showed since he asked me specifically pertaining my goal how I want it done. I had difficulty making out facial features in detail and he told me to save my energy, since that is how he appears…”Don’t even bother Morino, this is how I appear- no need to look at my hair in detail or my face”. Lastly, he is indeed accompanied by a host of spirits since I noticed that there was a good deal of energy buzzing about even hour after the ritual. My patron told me that he’ll clean house and they were gone after a minute or so.


Planetary Attributes II


Here the 2nd installment to the Planetary Attribute article- I will be covering the “modern” planets here.



Uranus is the erratic planet, in the sense that it deals with good fortune positively, as well as misfortune adversely. It is the modern ruler of the zodiac sign Aquarius, and is strong in Libra & Scorpio too. Adversely weak in fire signs, like Aries or Leo. It deals with ingenuity, science, and also psychic matters to a certain point. Sudden flashes of inspiration and related are good signs. On a bad note, sudden negative changes and so on. Its number is 1 and has similar attributes for the rest as its predecessor, Saturn.


Neptune is the planet of clairvoyance; its zodiac sign is Pisces and it is strong in Sagittarius and the remaining water signs. Does not do well in Earth signs in general. It deals with all matters that are occult intangible- intuition, insight, spiritual enlightenment to name a few. Negatively, self-delusion, neurosis, mental illness and so on. Its number is 2 and related attributes are like its parent, Jupiter.


Pluto is Mars’ brother, and has therefore a lot in common with it. It deals with willpower, making or instigating changes that affect multiple people. The capacity for leadership and courage, drive, and ambition are good marks. Bad ones are tyrannical behavior, a weak will, and destructive or violent tendencies. Its zodiac sign is Scorpio & its strong in Aquarius, Capricorn & Libra. Adversely weak in Taurus, Leo, Cancer & Aries.  No known number and related correspondences at this time, aside from its main counterpart.