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Hello; Here I focus on one of my services, in particular, egregor or the creation of mental forms. In short, an egregor is a spirit that you created on your own and that will serve as your personal assistant, which will exist solely to serve your desires. Imagine the potential — the spirit that serves you… imagine what you can achieve. The only drawback is that (since it is a spirit created by you) it will take some time for your egregor to gain strength, but once he does (usually after a few months), he will work like no other.

—The cost of creating an egregor for you is $1000 (US) —

What does the process look like? In the following way:

You place your order, after that (after payment confirmation) I create your egregor for you; if you have any custom wishes like what name and characteristics should it have, etc., you just tell me. After that, I will send you a prayer that you can read once a day in order to establish the strongest possible connection with your egregor. This prayer is optional (but still recommended).

The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to be an expert in the occult at all to use this service; this applies to everyone. Contact me here if you are interested or have any questions.

— Common payment methods I accept are credit/debit cards, bank transfers and MoneyGram ; other ways can be discussed —

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