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I offer my services, magickally as well as astrologically; below the information on the first.
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To give one an idea on what can be asked for and accomplished, below examples:


– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.

. Conditions:
– Orders have to be placed in advance.
– Results are guaranteed; if no result presents itself and my work also indicates that, refund.


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The research files LXXXVIII: Beleth


I’ll cover Beleth in this article, Goetic spirit # 13, since someone on one of my videos asked me to do so and I happen to already have the information on Him from a past matter; it was the case that a would-be client asked me about Him and wanted to work with Him.

Beleth is said to be able to get you love from others as His description states ” This Great King Beleth causeth all the love that may be, both of men and of women, until the Master Exorcist hath had his desire fulfilled. 

Beleth is Mercurial (Virgo, 4°) and a persevering one at that- love is not his specialty, as He covers general virgo affairs, e.g. physical health, work-related matters, being helpful to others, craftsmanship etc. He will do one well nevertheless, due to these attributes. His seals are the featured/ header image.


The research files LXXXVII: Gremory


I’ll be covering the goetic spirit Gremory today; I checked up on this spirit or entity after a post on the Facebook group linked to this website in which a member submitted an image of his work with Gremory.

When appearing to me, she takes on the form of a beautiful blonde riding a camel (horse the first time I saw Her) in a pink robe, being very rose-like and all. Her description in the Goetia is as follows:

The Fifty-sixth Spirit is Gremory, or Gamori. He is a Duke Strong and Powerful, and appeareth in the Form of a Beautiful woman, with a Duchess’s Crown tied about her waist, and riding on a Great Camel. His Office is to tell of all
things Past, Present, and to Come; and of Treasures Hid, and what they lie in; and to procure the Love of Women both Young and Old. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc.”

Gremory is Martian regarding correspondence (Scorpio, 3°- arrangement) and specializes in general clairvoyance, so hence the description which is mostly true; the only exception, somewhat, is the part about being able to see to love from women. Gremory can do so, but this is not Her speciality and she will do so by forceful means.

Here some notes of the workings of others with Her:

Temple of Zagan
Between the pillars
Imperial Arts

NOTE: These stories above are just for the quality of the article itself in terms of experience, but I don’t necessarily agree with them or the ones that wrote it (especially one of them, oh boy- what a load of crap in terms of correspondences; the writer has no way of confirming any of these; none of the three do)




I’m recording this for my own personal purposes, this is in reference to the article in which I dealt with Mercury extensively; I have my first Mercurial celestial spirit, an angel by the header’s name called Spipher (pron. Spaifer).

He deals wil all things, and specializes in results that will manifest as quickly as possible. Obviously, He is Mercurial and corresponds to 22° in Gemini. Appearance is that of a transparent angel, and non-transparent wise an angel with blond hair & orange robe.



Occult stores & related


I will give away stores and related where occult wares can be bought, and general gifts relating to wealth that is excellent for making offerings; these are stores that I’ve discovered over time and work with.


. 100 candles; a store where colored candles in all shapes and sizes can be bought, as well as candle-related accessories.
. Doc Solomon’s; great store for people that deal in Solomonic magick. Owned as far as I know by Aaron Leitch.
. Anubeion Creations; I love their oils, but they sell powders & incense as well. All the oils I use are from them and only them.
. APMEX; great online store for buying precious metals & related; have been a client for a while now.
. Gemselect; for all types of gems in all shapes, sizes and prices- this includes planetary corresponding gems.
. Custom made; online jeweler for custom made as well as regular projects. They’ll make jewelry in general precious metals e.g. pendants.


Other stores are good too, when looking for archangel amulets and so on, or lesser metals like Bronze or Tin; examples are Ebay & Etsy.
My occult wallpapers, like the current one in the group are done by the talented Rolls X on Fiverr.  My Lord Samael flag (and future ones) at Bestflag.
My weaponry on Amazon.


Delving into Mercury


I’ll be discussing Mercury and mercurial spirits, specifically their attributes and related. I have never been a fan of Mercury as an occultist, but working with a recent gemini spirit has made me rethink this and start becoming fond of it.

In the GKoS, Order of the pentacles it is mentioned that ” They easily give answer,
but they can with difficulty be seen”; this is true, since in my experience gemini spirits, are significantly more ethereal and “airy” compared to other spirits. They work quicker and are very swift in their dealings, and motion. Examples are Sitri, Belial, Salas’ash, Clauneck and so on. These kinds of spirits are very useful and convenient for people that want results ASAP, which is a lot. Individuals dealing in the occult want results as quickly as possible, more often than not. So there you go.




Beware of magickal disruption


I will shed light on something that one needs to look out for in magickal workings; long story short, I stopped working with Sandalphon and for good this time (me thinks, 99% sure), the reason being that He never performed the same way I was used of Him before I briefly replaced Him with Raquiel. The reason for all this is that once you start working with a spirit and replace Him/ Her/ It, it disrupts the working and all the progress you made with that spirit gets lost as well as gifts offered. You basically have to start all over again. This applies regardless of what that spirit tells you; they don’t realize this from their vantage point is all, not that they’re unreliable. I discuss this in detail below in the video. Bottomline is that this is exception number 6 as mentioned in this article that divinations exclude. Again, something to watch out for.





Chaunta is a demon mentioned in the Grimorium Verum and is said to specialize in wealth; He has the name Elantiel too, but prefers Chaunta. Just for the record since I saw this online, He is NOT Clauneck- other than that, nothing on Him out there. He does show similarities to Clauneck though, in the sense of posture regarding appearance and elemental alignment (Earth).

Chaunta is Venusian, with Taurus as zodiac sign (22°- discreet) and is “neutral” in working. Nothing else is there to be said, since working with Him will yield money in whatever way possible, whether it be via business or otherwise. He has no visible drawbacks, but this of course depends on scenario and/ or the individual’s circumstances. Clauneck is the one that introduced Him to me when appearing and they know each other well. He appears as a midget-like demon, with red horns & eyes, and blackish in color. Also held a trident; Basically your cartoonized demon, but 100% real in this case.


His seal is set as the featured image, as header. 

The Ars Paulina part 2


I’ll give information on The Ars Paulina part 2, which covers Angels that deal with zodiacal signs, in general as well as degree-wise; The former is for people that are unaware of the degree the zodiac sign was in the Sun at their birth (Not the Ascendant), and the latter is for the other.
Angels of the zodiac, general


Angels of the zodiac, degree
I will make an example of myself; the Sun was in Libra at my birth (6°- psychic), I can use both if I want. Without the degree, I fall under the angel Jael, with it it’s Gnachiel.
I once again remind the reader that these attributes apply to this system within the grimoire it was taken from, the Lesser key of Solomon (Book 3). This link leads to a copy of the entire document with afterword.

In general, Jael is Martian (as opposed to Venusian in the AP-II) and appeared as an angel dressed in white, with a black sash and black hair. He appeals more to me, not that I need His services. Gnachiel is indeed Venusian and appears as an angel dressed in black with green undertones. Same with Him, not needed for at least now.

In short, you can trace your own Sun sign and know whom to work with that way; they generally possess the attributes as mentioned in the document, but one would need to divinate to find out what one’s Angel has to offer.

If this interests you, you might want to check out part 1 if you haven’t already. 



The research files vol. LXXXVI: Uriel


I shall be covering the archangel Uriel in this piece; He is a jack of all trades, similar to Michael in that aspect or regard. When reading about Uriel extensively, it comes to no surprise that he aligns with Mars (Aries, 3°- rashness), and this of course doesn’t mean that He’s martian, but that He’s linked to the element fire- Him being labeled a Cherub and the “Angel of Sun” only further supports that.

Regarding His skillset, He covers multiple subjects; money, art forms & science are notable ones. But his specialty is dominion over- and knowledge of the cosmos, per example Astrology.
He can make one excel like no other and give knowledge that is rare to say the least.
Appearance is that of a huge, tall Angel dressed in primarily yellow with other colors mixed. This reminds me of the LBRP, where He is called upon as Angel of the earth, which He also has dominion of, but in a different way than Sandalphon.



The point in making offerings


When making offerings to a spirit or spirits, it doesn’t matter what you offer more or less, regardless of the expense in doing so, so ridiculously expensive offerings aren’t necessary- it’s great when done, but not mandatory in this whole topic.

The whole point in making offerings primarily is payment for services rendered; let me explain how this whole process works & what the point in doing so is. By the way, a client once asked me this..”What’s the point in offering food to a spirit?”

Spirits draw the astral energy from said offerings and can’t just take what they want, regardless of what that is. They can’t just say “Hey, I’m going to draw the energy from -or take that boulder over there”.
It doesn’t work that way; they can’t just take what they want for the same reason you don’t just jump over someone’s fence and take their flowers on the lawn. The universe is subject to rules in this aspect too, and doing so would violate said rules. But when said boulder is offered to a spirit by me, as a mage…that’s different entirely. That is a gift from me to Him/ Her/ It. The concept of giving someone a gift applies here, as it’s about the thought and input behind the gift, it having meaning to the person.