My magical services for hire


I have contemplated in the past on whether offering my magical services is a good idea, and the things that have made me see away from the idea ,until now, was primarily the fact that the occult-based community is not the most high paying one and that there isn’t enough demand for these.

What made me change my mind is my financial manager inspiring me to do so, as I have nothing to lose and this will take little to no resources from my part out. The added benefit is that I love the art and am willing to help others in reaching their goals. So here it is, My page for the rates and related if one wishes to ask for my occult help. Cheers.

PS. This is what it looks like regarding description & what I offer; the methods of payment are default, so most major Credit Cards & PayPal.


“I am a magician and have been practicing magick for over three years, with the desired result and know-how. I offer my services and can summon spirits to help customers get what they want. Drop me a private message or contact me to tell me what you want before you order”

To give one an idea on what can be asked for and accomplished, here:

– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.

. Conditions:
– Orders have to be placed in advance.
– Results are guaranteed; if no result presents itself, full refund. You as a customer have nothing to lose this way.

. Ultimate package explanation:
This is the heaviest of magickal work that can be done; I will erect an altar for you in a space and will regularly hold rituals for you, thereby giving you the success in the goal(s) that you want; this will work faster and be much, much more effective, e.g. making 3 to 4 times as much money.
* You’ll get from me: Picture(s), an audio recording on what I did and related, divinatory data with explanation and hear what I did exactly and relevant data. Use the contact form for inquiries (See sidebar)


ATTENTION! I have a new webshop per 2018, see video on it below:

The Research Files vol. XLIII: Gaia


I’ll be covering a pagan goddess this time, the Greek goddess Gaia; she is the mother of the earth and nature etc. See here for more information on her. I personally don’t like pagan Gods, as my followers already know, for their lack of power for one and that fact that they’re manmade spirits, but I was inspired after playing a video game (out of boredom) called Age of mythology: the Titans, in which she is a selectable deity. It’s not all about power and some pagan entities are good to work with, and Gaia is another one of them.

Surely enough, thinking about Her drew her to me and she offered to talk to me on what she has to offer, without compensation via an offering or otherwise; she is good for everyday things, communication overall, clairvoyance (to a lesser degree), nature-related matters, mental pursuits (e.g. education wise), maternal matters, and so on. She welcomes followers, but doesn’t want to return to her “former level of glory” and mass attention; she is fond of her peace and also does not want people to ask her for vengeful tasks, e.g. harming someone, despite her being able to do so (to a certain extent).

Gaia corresponds to Mercury, with Gemini as zodiac sign (28°, originality) and says that a seal is not necessary, but people that are used to working with seals can use one of a Hexagram with a leaf symbol in the middle. She does have quite some power, so I wouldn’t underestimate her. Read here about Gaia’s greek story. I thought at first that she was Lunar due to the whole mother goddess/ nature aspect, but nope…



E.V.P., a chapter out of the Necromancy handbook


I will share my experiences with the public in this article on EVP; this is a way of communicating with the dead via electronic equipment, say a mobile phone that can record audio or video; the benefit is that it is, compared to general occult techniques, ridiculously easy to perform or do, drawback is that it is really hard for the recipient to come through, or show any kind of understandable message. If one is able to though, then talking to the dead (which vibrate on a different astral plane) is like making a phone call to someone.

Like I stated before, I have some experience in this venture since I occupied myself with this a good while ago (2014), and “dabbled” in Necromancy. The way to do it is to simply focus (I mean really focus) on connecting with the dead, and then record while staying focused & and envisioning the dead around you etc. Doing this multiple times a day will, however, wear you down astrally and incite fatigue, to keep that in mind. One needs “white noise”, like water falling from a faucet or fan noise for example to serve as a means for the dead to have their voices materialize in the physical. Below a listing of sound snippets and pieces:

. An example of White noise, downloaded online: a stream of water.
. A session where you’ll hear me address the dead in Dutch, and a fan as background noise for aforementioned reasons- keep in mind to listen to it with headphones and you’ll hear them whisper at certain points in the background.
. A session without any white noise, same approx. as before.

Like I mentioned before, this is impractical Necromancy to say the least, but more for absolute amateurs; see my article on magick for a good book on ritual necromancy, as well as these articles which you might find interesting. I just wanted to share my brief necromantic experiences back in the day as a beginner. I used this book as a guidebook.

The law of attraction


The law of attraction is simply put, the notion or idea that you attract what you think/ feel; if you think negatively, you’ll attract more negative situations to you. Is this true? Yes. It makes sense, and I have extensive experience in this. Back in the day, between 10 and 5 years ago I was stuck in a rut and weighed down immensely by black magick and negative entities plaguing me. As a result, I noticed that I attracted and engaged with vermin/ bottom feeding folks who aren’t worth a damn thing. All of these things happen on their own, I had no deliberate hand in this. I worked a dead end job, had no purpose and looked like shit. This is the example I’m giving, and I can’t compare myself now to back then. See the difference below in demeanor (One is from last year & the other from 2010)

Me VIUntitled
Difference is stark, no? I looked like shit back then for aforementioned reasons.
Now, thanks to my work, I’m better & stronger than ever.

Point is, that if you find yourself in a bad mental state where you only see negativity where there is none, then you will draw negativity to you and this includes parasitic entities that will latch on to you and make things worse; Don’t get things confused, being someone that is in a superficial bad mood is naught and doesn’t apply. But legitimately being tainted by negativity to the point where you mentally ARE a broken shell or negative, astrally/ mentally and this will happen. Another example is doing something while angry, and you’ll notice that everything will start to go wrong. Something as simple as taking food out of the fridge will go wrong and you’ll drop everything or stub your toe, or something similar. The opposite is also bad, seeing positivity where there is none is not good at all- e.g. there’s no such thing as a beautiful landville. See my other article, autosuggestion; it is basically the same in relation.

Reality is the best policy, and I’m an ultra-realist.


Almost winning the lottery with Belial


I will cover in this article the project I’ve been working on, or better said one of them, and that is trying to win the lottery with Belial, with whom I’ve been working with for a while as one of my default guys. I started this in Sept. 2017 and have decided to stop after several attempts, six in total. So as of Feb. 2018.

Belial had let me know back then that He was very interested in doing this, and we got to work then. I chose the easiest local lottery that consists of 3 slots with numbers between 1 and 55 that may be chosen per slot. So the odds of winning are 1 in 166375. No easy feat to say the LEAST. Let’s not kid ourselves, it would be loosely stated impossible; I still found it worthy a go and He told me a year in the beginning, but He managed after some bonding to cut that time in half. These are numbers that He gave me and an overview of those below with dates; given numbers are the ones that He gave me & drawn ones the result.

-Jan 26th, 2018-

Given numbers: 26-15-11
Drawn numbers: 10-16-26

-Feb 8th, 2018-

Given numbers: 19-12-01
Drawn numbers: 15-17-23

-Feb 15th, 2018-

Given numbers: 08-15-07
Drawn numbers: 15-18-29

As you can see not bad at all considering everything; especially the first draw was a whisker away. I personally am very impressed, but don’t intend on doing anything further and have thus told Him “enough”. This was always a long shot, but a brave and valiant effort nevertheless. I elaborate in the video below:


The process of egregore creation


I will go into the details of egregores and how to create one, things to keep in mind; for those that don’t know what an egregore is, it is plain & simply a thoughtform, similar to a pagan God or deity. A magician can create a spirit from his own energy and this spirit will then serve as an employee, working on your behalf. He or she can give this entity a name, specialty (one or more) and so on.

The benefit of creating an egregore is that, as a magician, one can’t always find an entity that appeals to Him/ her or something similar; with this kind of spirit, you can tailor it exactly to your needs. The drawback is that it will take a good while before such an entity becomes strong enough to yield tremendous results, but that process can be sped up with proper offerings. Things to keep in mind during creation:

. It should only serve you, unless you want otherwise.
. It should cease to exist at your physical death, unless you want otherwise. 
. Restrictions should be placed in the sense that it shouldn’t hurt others in doing what you want it to do, unless you want otherwise. 
. You can assign it a seal or logo, in the traditional sense. 

Here below notes taken from my own “recipe” for creating one:


Oration for creating Aurum

I hereby officially create and call you into existence, entity Aurum; you are my creation and your sole duty is to serve me as your master. These are your personifications:
.Name: Aurum (Latin for Gold)
.Appearance (general): Stockbroker
.Seal: as presented
.Attributes: Making money, bringing in money; your specialty is generating money.
.Zodiac sign: Leo (28°)- cornucopia/ abundance.
.Planet: Sun

Your task is to bring and make as much money for me as possible without harming anyone, including me, in any way, shape or form & me having to work for it; thereby I mean a mundane, everyday job. Other than that, use whatever means necessary. You will also notify me whenever you have done so via sleep, so through a dream. You also serve me and only me; no one else. If I were to pass away, so die, then you will stop your task and remain idle until I say otherwise. (6x)


Arise, Aurum!
Live and serve me! (6x)

Selfmade seal below:


This empowering oration is optional:

Empowering Oration

I hereby invoke you and empower you, Aurum; use these offerings that I have granted you to make yourself stronger and better adept at your attribute or specialty, which is generating money & achieving or performing the task and command I have given you, Amen. (6x)




I shall discuss the matter of reincarnation, especially in an occult sense; most Christian-based religions don’t believe in this, which is odd since Jesus’s resurrection can also be seen as reincarnation, but the question you might ask yourself, reader, is “Does it exist?”. Answer is Yes.

There have been countless accounts of people that can describe their past lives in detail, and it keeps on happening. Another good question is what the whole purpose or meaning behind reincarnation is…and that is simply spiritual evolution and self-ascension; life lessons are learned within each lifetime by the soul and it therefore grows. Once you’ve learned enough, you’ll be able to ascend and you’ll stop being reincarnated. It differs per person of course, as some people have a lot and others none. For some, one lifetime is enough and for others a lot is required. But there can be connections of course, regarding lifetimes and so on. I, for example, was a great magician in my past life (or one of them) and I brought my skill set into this current lifetime, I have confirmed all of this via my own research. People in general don’t remember their past lives, and it seems either that something “goes wrong”, or is deliberately left alone for the ones that do in terms of consciousness. But reincarnation just hints at the big picture and how “worthless” ones life cycle is, think about it: You are this today, and you’ll be some guy or woman in India tomorrow, leading an entirely different life and under different circumstances. And then it just goes on & on, until it stops.

For general information on this topic, see here.
For an example of accounts of people that have been through reincarnation, here.

The Research files vol. XLII: Tzaphkiel


I invoked the archangel Tzaphkiel due to the fact that I had bought a laptop that crashed after just a few days because I disabled updates on Windows 10; Tzaphkiel rules Saturn with its zodiac signs Aquarius & Capricorn. The former deals with technology generally speaking, hence it being linked with the planet Uranus too. This laptop gave me so such trouble, that, after trying everything I was on the verge of throwing it away, but then I thought of doing this.

When Tzaphkiel appeared, He looked like a modern gothic figure, dressed in a black robe with a staff in hand and long, black hair; He also wore a longhat in the beginning, but removed it later on. I performed a one-time invocation and He told me to place the laptop on the altar, and afterwards His seal on it when starting it. The impossible happened: it started up! Drawback is that, as His energy faded over time (1hr.), so did the laptop’s functionality. I committed to ultimate work, but even that didn’t work due to a lack of resources. Pictures of the altar, etc. and a unique seal He gave me are here. Watch the video too if you want, explains everything better.