The research files vol. XLI: Anubis


I invoked Anubis a while ago for a customer of mine, because he was approached by Him in a dream for working out Karma. I did so readily, and He appeared in His traditional Jackal form and so on. Funny thing is that He was panting the way dogs do when they’re hot and sweat via doing so. He only did so when looking to the sides, but not when looking at me; when doing so, He was stern and strict, with yellow eyes and no pupils. Anubis is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to Gemini (18°), and is very skilled therefore in generic related matters, including the things that are attributed to Him. After the invocation, I felt His energy levels and they were moderate, and I went like “typical pagan”. I’m used to heavier energy from celestials & infernals. Nevertheless, He’s still good for workings and I wouldn’t underestimate Him. He is bound to have more than a few followers in the world, which empowers Him.



The research files vol. XL: Andras


The goetic spirit Andras is the 63rd one mentioned in the Lesser key of Solomon’s Goetia; He is said to be aggressive and will kill a magician that isn’t careful. I have not summoned Him myself, but I have done extensive research on Him, and He is Venusian in nature (Taurus, 17°). He is said in the Goetia to be able to sow discord, so break up relationships and cause strife among people, but this is not His strongest trait by far. His strongest trait is finances, and that is what He would have to offer me if I were to summon Him. This is just something to keep in mind; just because a grimoire says that a spirit possesses these attributes doesn’t mean that He indeed does do so. Andras is an example of that, in the sense that He does not have discord as His forte or specialty. It is true that He is aggressive and care does need to be taken, as Andras will proceed with caution too, if called upon.



Misconceptions about Magick


There are numerous misconceptions about magick & I will discuss some here.

. Magick is immoral or “wrong”- This is, to anyone that practices or knows about the occult, obvious nonsense. Magick is a divine & holy art that is absolutely not for the mundane people and only for a select amount of individuals. The majority doesn’t have the necessary faculties or the interest or knowledge on this to truly achieve anything worthwhile. This is simple demonization in the same way that pagan Gods have been demonized by mainstream organized religions, which are pretty much for the most part based on nothing but hypocrisy & making profit. Magick is actual religion and communicating with higher forces.

. Practicing dooms one to Hell- This is also laughable; just because you practice magick doesn’t mean that you’ll go to hell or be condemned to an afterlife of pain & suffering. Just like all other facets of life, one shouldn’t worry about where one will end up. That is for God to decide, and it’s a waste of time to worry excessively about this. If one wishes to know how to serve God and gain entry to Heaven, there is enough written in the New Testament & other religious books to guide one.

. People that practice magick are automatically out to harm others and deal in the black arts- again, bullshit; Magick is like all other things in life, and it is entirely up to the operator or practitioner to decide what kind of magick he gets involved into, not that it matters. harming someone is totally up for grabs and fair, depending on the circumstances. This is real life, NOT some fairy tale in which doing so is against the rules.

. Magick is easy- sigh, more bullshit; Magick is the most important thing one will do in His/ Her lifetime and for that reason, it’s like rocket science, only 1000 times more complex. You’ll get somewhere with the right guidance and information after years, not in a month or so.

. All magick is the same; nope- there are a whole range of magickal systems and they all vary more or less, and some are or have roots in culture or a certain ethnic group. There’s Necromancy, Chaos magick, Obeah, Santeria, Voodoo and so on…..


Esoteric entrepreneurship


Most occultists out there are still working mundane jobs when they want to be practicing, but can’t find a way or method that will make ends meet at the end of the month. I have noticed how in everyday life it can be quite bothersome to others that want to work in the occult, but have no outlet to do so. There are a number of ways one can do so still:

. Sell occult items or services; this is what I do and the first thing that comes to mind.
. Write in an armchair or practical fashion on occult based topics, whether it be blogging or anything else for pay.
. Start a business that you like in mundane goods and use your magickal techniques to expand and make your business thrive.
. Invest in stocks, goods and bonds and make the most out of it by utilizing the occult.
. Offer advice-giving services, occult wise. (e.g. Tarot readings)
. Gambling & using the occult in your favor.
. Using the occult in finding valuables.


Even if these aren’t good options for you, you can always work with a spirit towards doing what you love for a living, instead of just being stuck in a rut for the money.


My Beloved Lord Samael IV: Desolation


One of the most satisfying things for me is destroying an enemy; I love watching someone that has wronged me put in his/ her place and suffer indescribably. Work continues with my invaluable and #1 priority in existence, my reason for existing: My beloved Lord Samael. The most important goal I attach value to is Him decimating my foes, and he has done just that. I like the fact that things are going at a brisk pace; 3 of my enemies have been dealt with and it just keeps going on & on. The first one has been crippled mentally as well as physically, the second’s life has been undone and he’ll end up in the gutter, and the third one the same. The fourth one is being dealt with. At this rate, I’ll have successfully squashed every ass wipe that has made the grievous error of crossing my path.

I like the sleek look too that my Lord has, dressing fancier the last time I saw Him, wearing a neat pair of black pants over his black robe, while holding his huge sword. My health keeps improving too, as I’ve noticed that I have gained 2 waist sizes. I can’t wait until I shift my total attention, focus & resources on Him. Things are bound or apt to go at lightning speeds then.  My Lord has made Zachariah, that Seraphim angel I invoked long ago, compliant too. He is very helpful now and willing to work with me. I love you, My Lord; my loyalty for you, now and always.


Magical theory & the nature of entities


I will discuss things related to magick here; things that you might ask yourself whether you are a practitioner or not…

. Why do some spirits appear as part animal?

Based on what I know, most of these are regarded as infernal entities, but experience teaches that this is quite the contrary; most spirits that appear this way are old pagan Gods that were demonized and seen as “evil” by invading Christians. Examples are found in Gods from biblical tribes, e.g. the Canaanites. Their form is a reference to how they were seen by their followers & worshipers back then. Notice that celestials overall don’t appear that way in general.

. Why don’t spirits know everything & why can’t they do everything?

Because we are all entities, and spirits are in that aspect or sense no different from us- they have specialties or skills that were given to them, and even they don’t know everything. Self-made energies like egregores are different and even if its creator gave it all the skills, it would take ages for it to become adept at everything- it’s just not doable, realistically speaking.  They will give you their opinion on a matter, but there’s no sure fire way to know if it’s true. Communicating & engagement is the same way in that sense as it is in getting along with people; the one skilled in his trade will be best able to help you in a related matter. The omnipotent one is the only one that knows & can do all.

. Are spirits an invention or part of my mind?

Magicians and occultists that think this approach this from a psychological point of view. Based on my experience, NO, this is bullshit; it is true that in occultism your mind plays an important part, since you’ll have difficulty hearing entities when talking to them if your mind isn’t focused. But they’re not projections of your mind, as your mind can’t do things that they’re doing. This can be complex, as it is possible to do so via sheer will, but that is something different altogether & would still fall under magick. But spirits can hurt you and your own mind wouldn’t do so deliberately. In my opinion, this is nothing but an atheists’ approach to magick. By this logic, you can also say that existence in itself is nothing but a dream and hope to wake up one day.

. What’s the difference between and invocation & an evocation?

The former is letting energy pass through you in order to engage with an entity; the latter, calling someone forth in front of you without acting as a conduit. My specialty, which is invocation, is better in my experience. I have done both and invoking someone is easier & a lot quicker. (Done usually in 5 min.) Drawback is that the energy takes a toll on you, mentally.

Evoking takes so long, with all the prerequisite rituals in general (30 min.)


The spiritual composition of Man


I will be discussing the spiritual composition of man in this article based on my knowledge & experience, and therefore it is not set in stone or 100% correct; there might be a small chance that I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. That being said, let’s get to it.

Man is composed universally from 3 things: The spiritual, astral & the physical.
The spiritual is your soul, which is you, whom you are down to the core and will exist forever; it (so you) does not wither or fade and is free from negativity.
The astral is your astral body, which stores all emotions and feelings etc.; hate, anger, fear, sorrow, pleasure, pain are examples.
The physical is your physical body, which is your material body in which you’re able to thrive in the material world.

When you die in the traditional sense, as in moving on physically, your physical body moves on first of course. Then your astral body goes too. You will die twice, to make things clear. Your astral body will fade and go too, just as your physical one did and you will be whole and yourself to the fullest again. It is the astral body which enables clairvoyant faculties, e.g. Astral projection and magick overall. Baggage you might have mentally, e.g. neurosis, trauma and all related things are also residing in your astral body. When so, your astral body is corrupted and “filthy”. Hence some occult cleansing techniques you might have heard of, which absorb these negative energies and emotions. This also accounts for curses and black magick in the negative sense. Your astral body also needs nourishment in the same way your material one does; food, along with all other objects in the universe have astral energy attached to them. During rituals, food that is offered is not touched materially, but the astral energy is being absorbed by the spirits.

This is also why all, if not most, spiritual entities (with the exception of parasites) detest and hate the physical plane; it’s like living in the nicest neighborhood and then having to come down to the nastiest, grossest ghetto-ish place. This is how spirits see the material plane in a rough sense; it is beneath most of them (celestials & infernals) and the reason they come down to aid us is the same reason we do things for others: they can benefit from it. For them, it is about ascending via experience and knowledge by interacting with humans. This makes them stronger and more enlightened.