My magical services for hire


I have contemplated in the past on whether offering my magical services is a good idea, and the things that have made me see away from the idea ,until now, was primarily the fact that the occult-based community is not the most high paying one and that there isn’t enough demand for these.

What made me change my mind is my financial manager inspiring me to do so, as I have nothing to lose and this will take little to no resources from my part out. The added benefit is that I love the art and am willing to help others in reaching their goals. So here it is, My page for the rates and related if one wishes to ask for my occult help. Cheers.

PS. This is what it looks like regarding description & what I offer; the methods of payment are default, so most major Credit Cards & PayPal.


“I am a magician and have been practicing magick for over three years, with the desired result and know-how. I offer my services and can summon spirits to help customers get what they want. Drop me a private message or contact me to tell me what you want before you order”

To give one an idea on what can be asked for and accomplished, here:

– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.

. Conditions:
– Orders have to be placed in advance.
– Results are guaranteed; if no result presents itself, full refund. You as a customer have nothing to lose this way.

. Ultimate package explanation:
This is the heaviest of magickal work that can be done; I will erect an altar for you in a space and will regularly hold rituals for you, thereby giving you the success in the goal(s) that you want; this will work faster and be much, much more effective, e.g. making 3 to 4 times as much money.
* You’ll get from me: Picture(s), an audio recording on what I did and related, divinatory data with explanation and hear what I did exactly and relevant data. Use the contact form for inquiries (See sidebar)


The art & benefits of planetary magick


I’m going to discuss what benefits planetary magick have, which are really good. In reality it can be seen as one great asset, which is that as a magician, one can count on a celestial body for “sending” one a spirit that is the most suited for the task at hand. I have demonstrated and written about notable examples in my previous articles, e.g. on The Sun, Venus and so on.

Even if one were to work and call down or absorb planetary energies, that is how they’d work in most cases. The only exception, in which I have extensive experience, is planetary magick via the Greater ritual of the Hexagram. Alas, it has no real practical benefit, since you only absorb the energy of a planet or zodiac sign and the ritual takes a while too (30 minutes min.)

As mentioned before, asking or petitioning a planet for a spirit that specializes in a certain matter is an excellent option, if you can’t find one that does so or don’t know one.
Example is that if you wanted someone for becoming a musician, Venus would be able to send you someone that’s perfect, since Venus deals with artforms; much better than wading through workbooks or grimoires looking for one that might not even be adept at that.


Appearances in books vs. reality


Many magickal workbooks and related display spirits or portray them once summoned as grotesque creatures that look like they’ve leaped straight out of a horror movie. The reality and truth of the matter is that this is generally not the case, depending which system is being utilized. Most of them hide behind such an appearance; think of it like a “poker face”, hiding their true selves until you have proven that you’re worth their trust etc. It’s simple actually, as we as people do this in the same way; you only show who you truly are once you feel at ease with a person in general. Examples:

. The spirit Sitri in books: Leopard form- in reality: Man with skyblue/ orange robe.
. The spirit Satan in books and lore: Serpent- in reality: Man in black Roman soldier/ Roman emperor getup.

One of the things that plays a vital role is the way you treat them; Be respectful and pure of intent and they won’t appear as hideous overall. On the other hand, if you think that you’re going to treat them like slaves, barking orders and whatnot, then prepare for a toothless, one-eyed monster or something similar. He’s showing you His ugly side.


Dream visitations explained


A question that people might ask themselves is why spirits come to them in dreams; this article is to explain just that.

The reason is pretty simple; it is much easier to “reach” or connect with someone spiritually. When you go to sleep, your physical body is “turned off” or cancelled out, and as a result your astral body is a lot easier to connect to, hence it being easier for them to do so. They will go about the easiest way to send you a message, and that is the easiest way. Even if they don’t come to you directly in your dream, they will set up a scenario that will require deciphering. Example is you being in your house and being attacked by a dog or something like that. These are subtle signs that they’ll drop, depending on how much energy they want to spend on giving you the message, in alignment on whether you’re worth it. For them, energy is like money; no squandering whatsoever.

When you’re awake and in “normal mode”, reaching you is like traveling 20 miles for one simple message. A text message is much easier, to put it that way. Keep in mind that this generally accounts for people that can’t talk to spirits in a straightforward matter.

For my article on how people are wired spiritually, see the spiritual composition of man.


Spirits don’t know everything


Just because spirits like angels are better and “higher” than us and divine, doesn’t mean that they know everything when it comes to communicating with them about mundane things; example: ask a spirit if the store around the block has batteries for sale that you’re looking for, and the answer might be wrong. Why? Because it’s a guess, similar to someone being in another room and then asking that person who’s in the bathroom making that noise. That person will be able to make an estimated guess, based on the noise and other factors, but don’t expect them to be correct.

It’s the same for “them”- they vibrate on entirely different frequencies and can not oversee everything, despite them being more advanced and much higher than we are. Again, that would be like asking a neighbour what the nearby comic book store has for sale (Answer will be “how the fuck should I know?” most likely).

So please don’t ask them  stupid questions, like whether you left the light on before leaving the house etc; they’re not there for that. That’s like asking the mayor the same thing. There are exceptions to this rule, but VERY RARE. Don’t do this in general.


My beloved Lord Samael V: completion


I’m proud to announce that my Lord Samael has wiped out every enemy I have and dealt with every other person that has wronged me. My no. 1 goal with Him has come to completion, and the goal that I longed for the most to be accomplished. It’s been a little over 2 years, that’s how how long it took, including other things He’s given me. It is done in any case, as I’ve traumatized, institutionalized and placed my foes in the gutter for the rest of their lives. Excellent 😎. It is done, finally. It must have been close to a hundred people, with about fifteen severely dealt with. Now then….

I will become stronger as that will be my focus with Him; to become indestructible, figuratively speaking. I’m grinning as I’m thinking of the levels of power He’ll bestow upon me as I’m just getting started, and so is He. Nevertheless, marvelous and I almost want to open a bottle of champagne, but he insists I don’t waste money at this time. I’m so content right now. Feel so joyful & euphoric. Oh, my beloved Lord Samael; I will honor you like no other.




Does the church offer salvation?


Hahahahaha…answer is NO; the church is based on nothing than lies, deceit and hypocrisy. Ask a pastor or reverend if he has ever seen an angel or demon and you’ll hear no in nearly all cases. What does the church offer to people in terms of practicality?  What do they offer that actually helps people in a spiritual sense? When has someone seen the results of going to church, spirituality-wise? NEVER.

I’m an immense church-hater for these exact same reasons; going to church is like being scammed- you’re investing time, energy & sometimes money in something that gives zero benefit, and when these issue are brought forth, you’ll get dumb, political responses that don’t answer your questions. Not just these issues, try asking the pope himself about the meaning of existence. This in fact is a testament to how stupid mankind overall is, and ignorant to the point where they’ll believe anything that a corporation or organization tells them.

The true path to God and practical spirituality lies in the occult; if I want to know what the meaning of existence is or any other God-based question, or want help in any endeavour, my patron angel or any other suitable spirit is there to answer or act under the right conditions. No “He works in mysterious ways” or any other bullcrap; they’re there, I can see them and can talk to them in real time. I see what they’re doing and the results thereof. Straightforward answers and emotions.

The church is nothing more than a corporation looking to enslave and exploit the masses. Thank God I’m not a sheep.


The book of black Venus


I’m going to discuss the Book of black venus in this article; for those that don’t know what it is, it is a magickal workbook in the traditional fashion e.g. medieval era. In short, it outlines a method for summoning six demons that fall under the planet Venus (Hence the name) via creating a magic circle, fashioning instruments to be used and so on…not really any different from most others out there. To view and read the book, see here.

I am going to discuss and share my experiences (albeit short compared to the rest of my work) in working with two of these demons; Their names are Mogarip & Belzazel. See their seals beneath (Mogarip to the left & Belzazel to the right)

This was in August 2017, and I was told by my financial manager (the spirit that manages my income) to work with them to see what they can do. He would manage and oversee everything regarding them. These guys are slaves, so no respect to them and were to be commanded, he noted.

First up, Mogarip: He looked like a skinny shade or spectre-like figure with one eye and a hazy voice. He didn’t talk a lot and it was solely business.

Second up, Belzazel: He looked like a rather large, muscular being; Orc-like in appearance. He too had one eye, and spectre-ish. His voice is low & guttural/ murky.

In both cases, my financial manager put His hand on their heads during ritual and they were scared and intimidated. Unfortunately, these guys are weak in terms of results compared to the other spirits I work with and I discontinued my work with them after a while. It is noticeable why these guys are slaves and when it comes to power & efficiency, they rank within the lower hierarchy of Venus. I’m talking the lowest of the lowest. So I wouldn’t recommend working with them. Lastly, I worked in a standard manner with them as I’m used to, so my own system instead of the traditional method that the book outlines because, to my knowledge & experience, traditional grimoire magick is hopelessly overrated and impractical. See that article here.

  • There is one other post online that goes deep into analyzing the book, but offers little to nothing in the way of results and actual experience in working with these demons. See here. The author is credited by me though, and thanked hereby for his contribution.