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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve decided to offer a 50% discount on ALL my services; yes, you read that correct. So HALF OFF on all my stuff. All my courses and related are half off.

So the following applies:

– A simple chart reading which was $100 is now $50.
Information which was $450 (extensive divination etc.) is now $225.
A one-time summoning which was $600 is now $300.
A full hands on working (regular order) for a goal or an objective which was $1200 is now $600.
Creating an Egregore which was $1000 is now $500.
My E-Occult Course, which teaches you to become a full-blown magician capable of summoning spirits and performing rituals from A to Z, which costs $2000 is now $1000.
My E-course in Witchcraft, which teaches you how to practice Witchcraft from A to Z, which costs $1500 is now $750.
My E-Astrological Course, which teaches you Astrology (3 types: Natal, Horary & Relocation) from A to Z, which costs $1500 is now $700.
My E-course in Tarot, which teaches you how to cast tarot cards (like a boss, lol- major arcana, 6 card spread), which costs $500 is now $250.
– If you want to buy the rights to my courses (so that means you’ll be free to resell them and related, you’ll basically own the property rights to do so), it by default costs $15000– but now, it’s $7000; combined, they cost by default $25000, but now it’s only $10000 for both.
Personal autosuggestive orations, which costs $1000 is now $500.

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires) and MoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-


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Let me know if I missed anything on my webshop, but remember: HALF OFF!


*** Good news! I’ve decided to continue this discount deal indefinitely, until further notice!


Naani or Naana


I discuss a spirit here that I came across during my treasure hunting ventures last year, below His information:


Thrives in tropical environments, but open to helping anyone globally.
Obviously extremely fond of rugged nature, would appreciate outdoor offerings.

Misc. Nature spirit of a higher ranked nature (theoretically slightly higher ranked than elementals, take note: ONLY in theory, elementals are still more practical).

Has no planetary alignment, falls under My Vice-Lord Sandalphon.

Specialty is Wealth & terrestrial goods (e.g. treasure etc.)
Average skill in artistic talents e.g. singing, music-making, dancing etc.

* Is very stubborn/rigid in way or line of thinking but very powerful.

Technically, Friday would be okay for best day to work with but only in theory (in actuality, any day is good).

Here the audio files that I recorded shortly after:


His Seal:

Continuing the treasure hunt


In March 2019 I wrote an article about an Angel I worked with for treasure hunting called Alexander; that, long story short, was a bust (somewhat)- see that article if you haven’t read it already.

Me being much, much stronger than I was back then (skill- & knowledge wise) combined with newfound skill in Astrology thanks to Archangel Uriel (see tattoo etc.), I wanted to put what I learned into action by combining Alexander’s knowledge with Astrology. Results below:

1. Went to a location in a swamp-like area that had (according to above stated method of working) silver…BINGO!


2. Went to a location that was by far the most dangerous in terms of flora & fauna, but it was the rainforest so yeah 🤷‍♂️ (region is called broken ferry, very mountainous); I went with 2 others, and in short: One almost stepped on a 1 meter long Fer-de-Lance, I was stung by wasps, both associates were beset by ants & the vegetation itself is pretty much trying to kill you as well. See here for a pretty important plant that serves as an example. Let it be noted that both this location as well as the location where the plant was recorded (they were 2 different locations) also had spirits present (misc. forest spirit & tribal individual that claimed to have lived there in colonial times). The location was supposed to have diamonds & gold- ……… see below:

See the official report(s) for the white stones here & the brownish stones here (from a Dutch lab, see here for a brief summary of it in English).


My metal detector:

Can a money tree exist in real life?


A question that doesn’t really take one’s serious interest, but I’m still going to answer it; is it really possible, at least in theory, to create a money tree or tree that would sprout money (coins or banknotes)? And can it be done via the occult? Yes to both, but it’s obviously much more complex.

Money is made from paper for the most part and is therefore organic, so that’s good but up to present day there is no known plant or tree that can create it because money itself is created, and the creation itself is manmade, so not organic. So cultivating such a tree would be, by todays standards, far-fetched and nearly impossible. Now, regarding the occult- it is possible, yes; but since this process is borderline fraud & somewhat shady, celestial spirits will not aid one. You’d have to work with an infernal spirit for this, or a pagan God etc. Summarized, this would involve working with an entity that specializes either in money or nature (or both) as my beloved Vice Lord Sandalphon states. The type of money would have to be buried and the rest is natural plant-growing.

I of course don’t approve of this idea, since it’s (again) shady and will not end well in general.


How to get rid of the fear of Death or accept it (at least)


A lot of people are terrified of death (usually these people are more cowardish compared to the avg. person, no offense to anyone of course); almost needless to say, Death shouldn’t and needn’t be feared. I’ll explain why and at the same time give tips on how to alleviate this fear or get rid of it altogether below:

Acceptance: Death is at the very least one of the many things we as human beings cannot control or have control over, and as such it shouldn’t be feared since it lies outside “your control“.
From dust to dust: Everything that has a beginning has an end, and expecting to live forever is unrealistic- you were born and you must therefore die, based on this logic.
Not the End: Contrary to what the non-religious believe or might, Death is NOT “the end” of your being; so yes, you go on.
Fear will only make things worse; the aforementioned is self-explanatory- being afraid of death, especially when on your deathbed or on the cusp of it will generally speaking make things rigid, rather than smooth..contributes to the unpleasantness in such a case.

“You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the grim reaper.”
(Robert Alton Harris)

The occult & children/the elderly/the sick or dying


Usually children and to a lesser extent the old, sick and/or dying are more in tune with the paranormal- as in being able to see the dead or spirits. Why is that?

Reason is that children are more attuned due to the fact that they’re “new”, so newborns and the young are closer to the spirit world and therefore are more susceptible towards energies on that front. That’s why children are more likely to have “Imaginary friends”, not to mention the fact that they’re still innocent and not tainted by conventional thoughts in society that are generally “anti-paranormal” or non-spiritual in nature, with a heavy focus on materialism. As for the latter mentioned, e.g. the sick etc; it’s all about physical compromise- since their material bodies are in a semi-functional state, they are automatically more prone to energies and whatnot. On rare occasion, people that are on the verge of death will see things like the Grim Reaper or similar coming for them in horror (usually these weren’t very good people) or have the whole “tunnel and white light or hellish” visions for the simple reasons that their astral bodies are already ready to move on or astral Déjà vu.

E-course in Witchcraft


I’ve created a digital course in Witchcraft; it consists of 5 videos with instructions from A to Z, which will teach you how to practise & master Witchcraft in the fastest, yet most effective way possible. The videos are all private (so unlisted), so only those with the link have access to it and buyers will receive said link upon purchase. Wichcraft is overall intermediary in terms of how long it takes to master (relatively fast, e.g. 3 months) as well as results; mundane things are easily attainable under the right circumstances.

– This course is ideal for those that want to practise Magick without straining themselves too much, and yet still want results worth mentioning, aside from those that just plain love Witchcraft itself –

The price for this course is $1600.

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires) and MoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-

Interested people can contact me here

The difference between “magic” & Magick


You might ask yourself what the difference is between a magician that performs stage tricks and related (e.g. the “magician” that pulls a rabbit out of a hat) and an occultist or sorcerer like myself, also called a magician.

Notice that I use apostrophes when addressing the former; I do so because these people are not real magicians, in the sense that what they do has nothing to do with the occult.
These individuals are stage performers; what they do is based on illusions & distracting the public in order to perform their tricks. It’s entertaining, but that’s all. It has no relation to occultism and spirituality whatsoever.

An example of someone like this would be the illusionist David Copperfield.

Demographic Occultism


When looking at the world, it’s clear that certain regions or parts of the world have types of occultism as a favorite; North America is the most diverse, where most magical systems are practiced with ceremonial magick & paganism/witchcraft being favorites all around. South America, cultural witchcraft and so on…

I’ve composed a map which highlights the magickal system popular or most well-known in that particular part of the world.

– North America– Melting pot; favorites are Ceremonial or Christian magick and Witchcraft (pagan), e.g. Western ceremonial magick, Wicca, Witchcraft, Enochian magick.
– Middle & South Am
– Traditional pagan Witchcraft, e.g. Santeria/Brujería.

– Europe– Mild forms of Western Ceremonial magick (but purest in origin) and to lesser extents paganism.
– Asia– Necromancy/Necromantic forms of magick & traditional paganism (excluding Russia)
– Australia– Similar to North America, but to a lesser extent.
– Middle East– Traditional cultural witchcraft and/or Islamic forms of occultism.
– Africa– Traditional cultural witchcraft/paganism.



This article is from my “vault” of spirits, so to speak; a really long time ago I had an objective that I no longer had an interest in to present day, primarily solving missing persons cases (and the rewards of course that come along with it) & after some failed attempts with spirits like Vassago (due to no fault of His own, I was a total newbie at this stage), I decided to petition the Moon the same way I did with Venus to send me a spirit that specializes in the aforementioned; I promptly did so, and the Moon (as is the case in general/as usual) didn’t disappoint.

The one sent to me goes by the name Anata and specializes in what was asked, finding missing items/objects/people or anything that needs to be “found”- He’s Lunar (5° in Cancer- acquisition) and looks in general like an Angel dressed in a grey robe with dark features, e.g. black wings/pupils. He’s infernal & lacks tact somewhat and can be imprudent (at least when I first met Him). Lastly, His skill is out of this world, so to speak.

His Seal

Back in the day I used to make audio entries right after a ritual, you can listen to it below if you want:

Information on Palmistry


This article is for people that want information on Palmistry; in short, it is a form of divination where one’s hand or better said the lines in it convey information, e.g. one’s life and state of affairs as well as specific aspects thereof e.g. marriage.

Before I continue, I do need to state that based on my own knowledge & experience this form of divination does have merit; I ,however, have no real interest in it due to its simplicity compared to Astrology (which I consider to be vastly superior).

This article should suffice.