My magical services for hire


I’m selling 5 Egregores or Thoughtforms that I created for customers/clients in the past and that have defaulted on their agreements with me or similar; see here please!


I am a magician and have been practicing magick for years, with the desired result and know-how. I offer my services and can summon spirits to help customers get what they want. Contact me to tell me what you want before you order. See here for astrological services and related, and here for my e-course. Also, here for my e-course in Magick, here for my Egregore store & here for my E-course in Tarot card readings.

E- course in Witchcraft: see here.
Autosuggestive Orations: see here.


Examples of what can be done/ worked on:

– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.
Clearing Haunted Houses, Properties, Lands, Objects & People.


These are my prices & rates, etc; shortly summarized, it is as following (all prices are in USD):

– An Astrological reading is $350.
– Detailed information on a case with the forecast on the potential chances/outcome in solving it/them is $600
– Magickal workings are, depending on the severity, either $600 or $1500; the $1500 means that I’ll be working with a spirit towards your goal. The $600 is a cheaper option, but not as effective.

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires), TransferWiseMoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-

The refund policy and overall Terms of service under which I work are simple; success is guaranteed, UNDER the conditions of the nature of my work as stated across my website.

Disclaimer: What my customers do with my wares after having purchased them, especially in the way of negativity or likewise, is their responsibility & theirs alone; I do not condone any misdeeds or similar/likewise performed or committed when purchased or bought from me.


* See my youtube webshop updates for new information too, regularly.


Is it indeed possible to do the farfetched with/through the occult?


Yes, it is…but it’ll take a lot to say the least.

Topic of discussion is whether, for practitioners (in general), it is possible to do the metaphorical “impossible” e.g. causing an earthquake or causing heavy amounts of rain in even the driest of places. Like I said above, yes.

So how do I go about doing so then, Morino? Well, first off: you need to consider obviously why you want to do what you have in mind. You need to have a valid reason, otherwise don’t bother. Secondly, you need to take the default things into account within Magick aka the guidelines, if you will; so karma, your own strength & skill, limitations, opposing energies in your respective location(s) where the operation will take place etc.

I, for example, can do the above based on who I am (so strength, knowledge, wisdom & prominence etc.) and have, specifically altered the weather when I was “just” a generally strong magician. But if I wanted to I could do a lot more, but no need. Why? It’s impractical. I have no desire for it, nor would it benefit me. Why waste effort & energy on something like this that provides me with no serious, practical benefit. Plain & simple. Interesting video:

Below nice, real-life examples of operations that correctly claim to be able to do these types of things:


The Seventh and Last Pentacle of Saturn. – This Pentacle is fit for
exciting earthquakes, seeing that the power of each order of Angels herein invoked is sufficient to make the whole Universe tremble.


The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon. – This is wonderfully
good, and serveth excellently to excite and cause heavy rains, if it be engraved upon a plate of silver; and if it he placed under water, as long as it remaineth there, there will be rain. It should be engraved, drawn, or written in the day and hour of the Moon.
Editor’s Note.– The Pentacle is composed of mystical characters of the Moon, surrounded by a versicle from Genesis vii. 11, 12:– “All the fountains of the great deep were broken up… and the rain was upon the earth.”

PS. These 2 examples were taken from the Greater Key of Solomon, Order of the Pentacles (most practitioners already know this).

Ways in which the occult can “backfire” on you, notably in the way of deluded thinking


Ever heard of things really, really going wrong for someone that practiced the occult or similar? That’s normal, so to speak; by default, for any sorcerer if He or She does something wrong regarding the energies He works with or similar, then you better believe He’ll go insane or His life will fall apart or something along those lines. It reminds me of a customer of mine that, in the not too distant past, bit off more than He could chew so to speak & as a result became drastically unstable until I helped Him.

In my case, examples of these are highlighted here & here; I’ve also had to deal with severe levels of energetic disruption, but obviously I can handle myself & overcame all of it.

Other examples are breatharianism; read the article the link leads to and you tell me (lol)- no offense to the practitioners of this, but why doesn’t it work? Because your bodies (both astral + physical) need nourishment, and air inhalation isn’t enough, regardless of how nice the idea is. The people that believe in this are deluded by definition at best.


So how do you “keep yourself in check?”, & prevent yourself from “losing it” as an occultist or similar? You take careful note of your practice and remind yourself daily or at the very least frequently that you’re reliant on this, that this is your bread & butter. Keyword is maintenance. The same way you maintain your appearance so physique, the same way the aforementioned applies but obviously the former is much, much, much more important.


Be familiar (in a manner of speaking) with the limits of your spiritual state & how far it can take you

Mental illness


What is mental illness? It is the corruption of one’s astral body; when someone is spiritually infected with negative energy that causes misery, regardless of the sort or kind as well as source or reason. Science defines it “A mental disorder is characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behavior. It is usually associated with distress or impairment in important areas of functioning“.

Science (including psychological counseling or therapy) can’t solve this in general (mental illness), as opposed to physical afflictions because it doesn’t understand it & therefore tries to look for a physical solution (like pumping the person in question full of anti-psych drugs) or one rooted in such for an adjacent problem. Obviously won’t work & thus unfortunately, the general consensus in society is that mental illness of a severe nature is a “death sentence”…

  • What are the roots of mental illness (in general)? Mentally ill people either come from broken homes or grow up in a dysfunctional environment that astrally “fractures” them in the long term or even permanently. The mental process that shapes a person is vital, see here for the explanation on that. Traumatizing events are also a main cause, as well as it (so mental illness) being part of their base personality; these are main examples.
  • How can mental illness be treated? See here.

So simply put, mental illness is like mental / spiritual sickness; the same way your physical body can contract or fall victim to any illness, e.g. cancer, malaria, dengue, fever, flu etc. etc., your spiritual or astral body/ mind/ mental state of being can also be- or become infected. These can (obviously) range in severity or magnitude; so someone can have superficial issues that doesn’t really impair their functionability in society, or just be plain outright insane to the point that they cannot or barely function.

Needless to say, mental illness undermines any chance for a quality of life & has to be addressed, at any & every cost.

See below playlist for all the videos I’ve done on mental illness.

PS. Let it also be noted that mental illness (especially prolonged), will also affect one’s physical appearance.

The art of Mind-delving


I’ve invented & developed a technique that most of my followers know, called mind-delving; before I continue, this is, at a base level, reading minds (I didn’t come up with that of course) but invented in the sense of the way I specifically do it. I’ve since then mastered / perfected it (even if I say so myself).

  • What is it by definition? It’s connecting with someone’s Astral body (spirit) & extracting information about them in any given way, shape or form.
  • How does it work? You gather all of your mental / spiritual strength & will yourself to connect with your target in question & them make your inquiry or state your business.
  • Are there any conditions you need to meet, or “catches?” Yes; general magickal factors that apply to any practitioner apply, e.g. how strong you are (power level), your personality in question, your level of adeptness or skill in said technique are notable mentions.
  • Is this technique error-prone in any way whatsoever? Yes; like any technique, it’s not perfect. The drawback for example is that if you delve into the mind of a target that is mentally afflicted, and are not experienced enough to recognize the “red flags“, you’ll fall for it, meaning that you’ll view their delusion or affliction as the real thing; by default, you need to be weary and alert for pitfalls, e.g. mental illness, instability, fantasy, delusion, confusion, dullness that you can mistake for legitimate intentions. When experienced & skilled enough you’ll be able to make up your own mind or draw your own conclusions and summarize what is legitimate in relation to your “victim”, and what is dismissible.
  • What are examples of the practical benefits of doing something like this? You can read someone’s mind & find out how they’re doing, what they’ve got going on etc. You can see what a location looked like in the past or the adverse; what it most likely will look like in the future. You can find out the deepest secrets about someone, a location or an event. All practical to the fullest extent.

* In relation to the last point, once you’re more experienced and can make those aforementioned recognitions, you can will yourself to ask “Is what I’m seeing real or legitimate?”, or “Neutralize this delusion & show me what is actually going on”.
* Let it also be noted that you can also delve into the mind of locations and pretty much anything you can think of, not to mention that if your object of interest is too unstable or N/A you can simply circumvent this by viewing it / them through someone else.
* You might also wonder: what about someone that’s already dead? Yes, can still be done- you will see the lifetime you are focused on, regarding your intentions (provided the person had multiple).
* You can establish severity or magnitude, meaning that you can also read someone’s mind in the above-explained manner superficially by following the same outline but in a much shorter fashion e.g. 5 seconds. You’re essentially getting a “whiff” of them.

Last, but definitely not least- VERY important as a matter of fact: you need to understand that all of the mechanics at the core or base level regarding this technique take place in / through the Astral plane (spirit world), so factors such as the names of people, minor details in relation to a location (e.g. a cup on a table that disappears after a few seconds) etc. are non-applicable or N/A; other things on the other hand, such as they way it / they look physically, cities, countries and whatnot are valid due to the fact that they are permanent in nature.

Watch videos in below playlist for utmost detail

Mind-delving, prime divination, Astral Projection 2.0, you name it.

The Ars Nova & merit of the Mighty Oration


The lesser key of Solomon which consists of 5 books (conventionally speaking) has as the 5th book the Ars Nova; before I begin with this subject, I do need to point out in case there was any confusion whatsoever that the Ars Nova & the Ars Notoria are NOT one and the same. Now, let’s move on to the actual topic.

The Ars Nova, as a book, contains the names used in the Lesser Key of Solomon and phrases and/or divine phrases that are used in occultism overall, especially within Traditional Grimoire Magick; and the icing on the cake, what the main focus of this article is, is the Mighty Oration.

See below in full:

” By the most great & almighty power of Alpha & Omega, Jehovah & Emmanuel,
and by him that divided the Red Sea & by that great power that turned all the waters &
rivers of Egypt into blood & turned all the dust into flies & chains & by that great power
that brought frogs all over the land of Egypt & entered into the King’s Palace & chambers
& by that great power that terrible thunder & lightning & hail stones mixt with fire, &
sent locusts which did destroy all growing things in the whole land of Egypt, & by that
great power that destroyed all the first born of the land of Egypt both of man & beast, & by
that great power that divided the hard rock & rivers of water issued out of the sand of the
wilderness, and by that great power that led the children of Israel into the land of Canaan
& by that great power that destroyed Sonachoribs great host & by that great & almighty
power of him that walked on the sea as on dry land, & by that almighty power that raised
the dead Lazarus out of his grave, & by that almighty power of the blessed & holy & glorious trinity that did cast the Devil & all disobedient Angels out of heaven into hell that thou thief return immediately & restore the goods again which thou hast stolen away, therefore in & by the names of the Almighty God before rehearsed I charge thee, thou thief to restore the goods again immediately or else the wrath of God may fall upon thee & force thee to come immediately. Amen. “

My intuition drew the Ars Nova & specifically this Oration to my attention; it is quite powerful & potent, that’s why. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation. You can find the Ars Nova for viewing & downloading here.


The chart I refer to in the video here; the Part of Fortune in Scorpio as well as the 10th House refers to the described intensity & the Earth in Sagittarius stands for an abundance in activity in obtaining the operator’s desires.

The Sonachoribs – Sennacherib “connection” I bring up in the video:

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Can spirits possess animals?


Yes, is the simple answer; generally speaking they’ll do so if the animal is mentally weakened (or to a lesser extent physical, but only up to a minor extent) and the reason can be varied. I do need to point out though, that this is generally speaking rare- being possessed in the above manner that is.

See this interesting article:

Also see this video as well as the videos below it for 2 cases I cover through mind-delving.

Refining my levels of Clairvoyance with Barbatos


I wanted to improve upon my levels of mind-delving by my own standards; they’re already unrivaled even if I say so myself, but I wanted more- specifically, I wanted to be able to come as close as possible (so to speak, from a relative point of view) to the material plane/world & view things in real-time.

Barbatos offered to help when I was brainstorming on how to best accomplish the aforementioned; I confirmed everything as usual through my readings & whatnot and great promise was the answer & I could sense that as well. I had to, in short, put a tattoo of His seal on me- & host a one-time ritual for Him afterwards with great offerings outdoors. Done deal, see images below.


I used one of my old “I am the Dragon” logo business signs as a makeshift altar surface & subsequently disposed of those offerings in the pond in my front yard & done deal.

The result was evident to me; I noticed a clear difference in terms of my levels of clairvoyance in a ” before & after ” manner; everything, literally everything I do spiritually has more context to it. See video below for more info.

Wallpaper Barbatos logo here; See here for the violet version.


– Thank you, Barbatos –

The Kabbalistic sphere Da’ath explained in detail


Hi again, everyone; I’ll be covering as above states, the sphere Da’ath/ Daath; see here for the Wiki page on it (but I don’t approve of the bulk of info I read there, it’s purely for referential purposes). Here my notes:

” Daath is kind of an anti-sphere but at the same time dualistic, much like Mars, hence Daath being represented by Pluto and at its strongest in the same signs that Mars (aka Maadim) is strong in; So also Capricorn for example. It is also known that the spirits Abaddon & Chronozon have affiliations with Daath; Daath’s duty kabbalistically is to see to destructive workings that can either be constructive or destructive; that’s why Daath can be attributed to both the Tree of Life and Death. Daath is somewhat of a “fringe” aspect, but it is just for that purpose exactly that it’s associated with Pluto “.

Results viewing what Daath looks like:

What Da’ath sounds like (approx.)

Angel from Daath:

Alecandrosjna (has strong Gemini influence)- linguistically inclined.
Specializes in just that; all things Gemini.
Appearance: Angel dressed in (Hazel)Brown/(Sky)Blue with 2 swords (of avg length) & Sickles. Can cause destruction & Upheaval, but not as a specialty.
Alignment is Celestial, but even as such He’s still fringe-like (so also capable of negative acts of destruction, but obviously necessary).