My magical services for hire


I offer my services, magickally as well as astrologically; below the information on the first.
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To give one an idea on what can be asked for and accomplished, below examples:


– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.

. Conditions:
– Orders have to be placed in advance.
– Results are guaranteed; if no result presents itself and my work also indicates that, refund.


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The sword of Moses


The sword of Moses is a traditional grimoire that I’ll be discussing in this article; it involves (similar to the Lesser key of Solomon) summoning Angels appointed to it for whatever purpose one wishes, under the conditions of a series of preparations.

I wanted to know what potential there was in summoning them by general means (so with my magickal system) and related; the first angel of the four mentioned therein (named SQDHZY) appeared then and we came to discussing things; He told me, since His name is difficult to pronounce at least for me, that I can call Him Kranaa as an alternate name.

This grimoire has power and quite the level of potency, and thereby I mean the angels mentioned therein of course. Only thing that can be seen as a drawback is the fact that working with them will only yield tremendous results in the long run. Rome wasn’t built in one day. The 4 angels mentioned in it are of the Order of Seraphim; Kraana is Solar and specializes in success in all things, as well as bestowing power and leadership upon one. Here a copy of the grimoire & here an idea on what Kraana looks like. See the video for more:

The research files XCVII: Amy


I’ll be discussing Goetic spirit no. 58 today, named Amy or Avnas. His description is below:

” The Fifty-eighth Spirit is Amy, or Avnas. He is a Great President, and appeareth
at first in the form of a Flaming Fire; but after a while he putteth on the Shape of a Man. His Office is to make one Wonderful Knowing in Astrology and all the Liberal Sciences. He giveth Good Familiars and can bewray Treasure that is kept by Spirits “.

Amy is Saturnian (6°- militant) and can aid one in all matters above, but is moderately good at best regarding treasure-finding; aside from that, He can aid in all matters put before Him in general as well as clairvoyance.

Appearance is as written; but with me, He appeared as a transparent being hovering in the air, sometimes ignited in flames (red/ blue colored) with feminine features (e.g. ponytail). I was planning on working with Amy three years ago for astrological purposes, but passed since there were better alternatives and it didn’t enjoy priority. An experience on Him can be read here, but I don’t know if it’s true; it amused me somewhat, seems not so credible.




Do curses exist? Yes.

A curse, hex or whatever you want to call it is a heap of energy that generally leads to negative, and unwanted situations and/ or changes in one’s life; this can be accidents, misfortune and other general unpleasantries. Common consequences are significant hostility towards you, mental or physical health issues, near constant bad luck and so on.

The source of said curse or hex can be general black magick cast towards you by someone else, or a person that is jealous towards you to the point where a curse is born. (in some cases the person isn’t even aware of what he/ she did)
Taking an accursed object or defiling a spiritual place that is guarded by an entity or entities is also a viable reason for being or becoming cursed, and likewise situations.

How to get rid of a curse, aside from asking someone ( a magician or sorcerer) for help? Below are a couple of examples; one can see a curse as being astrally tainted/ corrupted, similar to a virus infecting a computer.

. Eat lots of garlic & salt; both are spiritual cleansers.
. Bathe with water mixed with the above mentioned two.
. Take note of small things like the need to scratch yourself as if you have a rash, when you have none- these are indicators of a curse or negative lingering energy.
. Visualize yourself being cleansed astrally and being pure multiple times a day, like an exercise.
. Practise and perform the LBRP & BRH once a day.
. Make use of an egg cleansing technique.




Esoteric entrepreneurship II


Expanding on the first article on this topic, I will explain what the problems are and what needs to be kept in mind when being an occultist or esoteric person offering services.

. Purchasing power is immensely low; the majority of people seeking to buy occult wares are not well off financially like I state in this article. So it won’t be easy finding buyers.
. Finding a proper platform is not easy; very few online stores allow esoteric sellers, unless they sell tangible goods and even then, it’s slim pickings. It will also be hard to find related services that will smoothen the process of being in business, e.g. finding a payment processor that will accept your kind of business.
. High risk type of business; esoteric based services or psychic related services are deemed “high risk” in the commercial world, so you can imagine that the general public as a whole is reluctant for buying your wares and so on. The chance of fraud is high, and is legit since the majority of these kind of businesses are indeed fraudulent.
. Poor reputation; this line of business enjoys a poor reputation for reasons mentioned above, so forget about getting the benefit of a doubt.


Yeah…not easy doing this for a living, from a neutral perspective. That’s one of the reasons that magickal workbooks aka grimoires don’t talk about related ventures; most of them discuss, when it comes to wealth, things like treasure-finding and so on.

“Immune” individuals being a hard target


Time to talk about the exceptional factors I refer to in my post on Astrology & Tarot; specifically, #4 in which I state that a personal/ specific reason can be a reason for a failed magickal working.

There are people that have a natural immunity to spiritual forces, which makes it hard to influent or target them. I unfortunately have had to deal with this for personal goals as well as ventures for customers; the person either has a resilient mind, is exceptionally strong mentally or has some other astral barrier which makes it so hard to influence him/ her. The benefit is obvious, drawback for these people is that they will never progress beyond their current level (mentally or astrally) and they’re not even aware that they possess this trait, more often than not.

Targeting someone like that will either work with tremendous difficulty and we’ll have to throw pretty much everything we have at them in the way of resources, or decide that it’s not worth it overall and move on.

Last but not least, it must be pointed out too that the adverse is also the case- people that are extra susceptible to mentioned forces. The same can be said of physical ailments.



The research files vol. XCVI: Barbatos


I’ll be covering the goetic spirit Barbatos in this installment; below His description:

The Eighth Spirit is Barbatos. He is a Great Duke, and appeareth when the Sun is in
Sagittary, with four noble Kings and their companies of great troops. He giveth understanding of the singing of Birds, and of the Voices of other creatures,
such as the barking of Dogs. He breaketh the Hidden treasures open that have been laid by the Enchantments of Magicians. He is of the order of Virtues, of which some part he retaineth still; and he knoweth all things Past, and to Come, and conciliateth Friends and
those that be in Power“.

Barbatos is a lunar spirit (Cancer, 5°- acquisition) and specializes in leading others to treasures; the other skills attributed to Him are not what He excels at, although He does offer some help in those departments as a lunar spirit. This is unsurprising, since most lunars have related skills, examples being Agares & Caim. Like Caim, Barbatos will not give away riches easily & restrict himself, unless you have given Him enough to prove that you’re worthy of millions per example. The rest is seemingly true, although I didn’t confirm this; this is what He told me (being of Virtues and all..).

Appearance is that of a woodsman or archer in green/ blue apparel with blond hair (see featured image). His seal below.



The 3rd eye and the Kundalini


Hello people; I’ll be covering the two above mentioned topics.

The 3rd eye is the astral eye that enables one to be able to communicate better with the unseen or with the spiritual within the universe; generally speaking, one’s 3rd eye can be activated through the pineal gland which is, for most, calcified and dormant. Stimulating this organ will lead to awakening one’s 3rd eye. Here a video that can be listened to with headphones in order to get there, along with a set of exercises to do so. You decide your timetable, but per example: listening to the video 3x a day is enough for success. You’ll feel your gland beating immensely during this. You can stop when your own senses tell you too. You’ll have mastered it by then.

The Kundalini is a surge of energy, simply put, that will make one more clairvoyant; it’s symbol is that of a snake or serpent crawling up one’s spine, since the sensation does feel that way in general. Based on my own knowledge, experience and the description, Kundalini & the Middle Pillar ritual are one and the same; once mastered, you will be able to awaken and direct energy from within, for example to bless/ consecrate items. Kundalini will also make one more Clairvoyant. You can stop when your intuition tells you to, a signal that you have mastered it. Here a video showing you how to perform the ritual.


The research files XCIV: Marbas


I’ll be covering the goetic spirit Marbas today; He is known as #5 with description “He answereth truly of things Hidden or Secret. He causeth Diseases and cureth them. Again, he giveth great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and can change men
into other shapes”.

Marbas is Saturnian (Capricorn, 21°- experiment) and the only skill that comes remotely close to being a speciality is the ability to give knowledge on mechanics; but in actuality, it is not just that and He can aid in matters of matters where a new idea needs to be developed. Inventors, scientists and people wanting to make a breakthrough in industry & commerce by implementation of new ideas are examples. The other skills mentioned…He can do moderately well at best, but nothing that is worth mentioning.

See video for in depth discussion:


The research files XCIII: Mammon


Most people have heard of Mammon, as it is mentioned in the New Testament “You cannot serve both God and mammon”. He is the personification of material greed and wealth, and I’ll be covering him here.

Mammon is Venusian (0° in Libra) and excels indeed at money and financial matters; nothing else as speciality. One can really count on Him generally speaking, since He is eager to aid. There is nothing else really to say about Him. Appearance reminds me somewhat of Lucifer; a huge naked blond guy, and doesn’t talk much. It should be noted that we’re talking about an egregore or thoughtform that symbolizes wealth and the evils that tarnish it. Mammon however shows no signs of drawbacks in general; it depends more on the aid-asker’s conditions & circumstances.

Lastly, there is no real credible work out there on Him as far as I can tell; nothing but nonsense from wannabe sorcerers that don’t know what they’re doing.