My magical services for hire


. I’m selling 5 Egregores or Thoughtforms that I created for customers/clients in the past and that have defaulted on their agreements with me or similar; see here please!
. I also sell plushies or esoteric dolls, see here please!


I am a magician and have been practicing magick for years, with the desired result and know-how. I offer my services and can summon spirits to help customers get what they want. Contact me to tell me what you want before you order. See here for astrological services and related, and here for my e-course. Also, here for my e-course in Magick, here for my Egregore store & here for my E-course in Tarot card readings.

E- course in Witchcraft: see here.
Autosuggestive Orations: see here.


Examples of what can be done/ worked on:

– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g. getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.
Clearing Haunted Houses, Properties, Lands, Objects & People.


These are my prices & rates, etc.; shortly summarized, it is as following (all prices are in USD):

– An Astrological reading is $350.
– Detailed information on a case with the forecast on the potential chances/outcome in solving it/them is $600
– Magickal workings are, depending on the severity, either $600 or $1500; the $1500 means that I’ll be working with a spirit towards your goal. The $600 is a cheaper option, but not as effective.

-The general payment methods/options I accept are Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfers (so wires), TransferWiseMoneyGram; other methods can be discussed-

The refund policy and overall Terms of service under which I work are simple; success is guaranteed, UNDER the conditions of the nature of my work as stated across my website. My cancellation policy below:

: What my customers do with my wares after having purchased them, especially in the way of negativity or likewise, is their responsibility & theirs alone; I do not condone any misdeeds or similar/likewise performed or committed when purchased or bought from me.


* See my youtube webshop updates for new information too, regularly.


The spiritual, psychological blueprint of someone’s personality


(I already covered this topic in a video, see below; this article is for documentative purposes, so the article version thereof)

People are the product of their environment- that is correct in full, in general; a stable environment produces stable people. The opposite, just that: the opposite- and so on. “The apple doesn’t fall from the tree” is a (global) saying referring to this topic exactly. Below I explain in detail.

The factors that decide someone’s personality are length of life & gender (mainly); the strongest growth takes place (these are estimates, keep that in mind) between the age of 0 (so birth) & 12, and it gradually decreases from there. Roughly estimated, 65% of growth is in the range of 0-12, 12-18 accounts for 25% and the remaining 10% between 18-25. After that, your personality is (more or less) “set in stone”, & will require a lot of effort to alter, adjust or modify in any way/manner. Gender comes into play based on the sex of the child in question; boys will take after the male figure(s) they were exposed to the most in relation to the aforementioned ages, and girls after the female figure(s) in the same way.

The practical logic behind this theory is that, based on the composition of man, your astral body (so spirit) grows alongside its physical counterpart; a physical body that grows up healthy & strong because it grew up in a constructive environment will be just that- solid & stable. An astral body, ditto. I don’t need to point out what kind of person a negative environment will produce…and that’s about it. Again, see below video(s):

The dreaded Retrograde in Astrology; what it means and so on


The metaphorical nightmare of every Astrologer out there when dealing with charts is the Retrograde (click to see the Wiki definition); it is signified or showcased by an ” “, so the letter R with a tail stroke (line going through it near the tail of the letter). Why? Because it is, to all practitioners that know what it means, a signifier of bad news, a bad omen if you will (in general). Below I’ll explain in detail what it means in the Occult & Astrology.

When a planet or any celestial body is going Retrograde (℞), it means that that planet in a manner of speaking is going backwards, so in reverse, which in its turn displays a negative that is felt especially within Natal Astrology; it denotes that there are one or more negative traits or conditions regarding an individuals personality which would generally speaking be positive in nature- so instead of an asset, it’s a detriment. I will give an example using my own natal chart. Click here for the image in the highest possible resolution I can offer.

See that Retrograde? The planet Jupiter was in the zodiac sign Aquarius when I was born, going Retrograde. It means that the first part of my life (0-30 yrs) was an absolute hell. If it wasn’t going Retrograde, it would have been the exact opposite; that part of my life would’ve been heavenly, so to speak. Now do you see the significance of the ℞?

In other branches like Horary Astrology it rarely means anything; if it does, then it signifies (obviously depending on the inquiry, which is situation-based) ill intent, misunderstandings etc. to name a few examples.

What needs to be kept in mind is that it is most prevalent in permanent situations and related; that’s also why it rarely matters in branches other than Natal Astrology.

Spirit correspondences; factual vs relative


In this article I’ll be touching upon something that some might seriously ponder over: spirit correspondences. So I thereby mean that I’ll explain why in grimoires (in general), especially compared to what I say in my content, spirits have different attributes & whatnot. This is taking the fact that there is a good deal of misinformation and misleading, false information embedded in the aforementioned attributes.

All, if not most, grimoires & related magickal workbooks work within a specific system; by that I mean that you need to follow the system, which is usually made up out of tools, implements, chants, orations, and so on; the general consensus is: If I follow the “recipe”, it should work. Here is where spirit attributes come into play; those alignments like corresponding planet, zodiac sign & specialty apply (for the most part) purely within the scope of that system. If it says that a spirit aligns with the Sun and is therefore Solar, it applies within the grimoire in which it is mentioned. NOT in general or factually, so from a neutral point of view.

Notable examples are some of the spirits I’ve covered in the past; The Olympic spirit Och from the grimoire Arbatel is said to be Solar etc. in this workbook- I factually identified Him as Lunar.

– So there you go –


Esoteric plushies for sale


I offer, just like the above states, plushies for sale that are enchanted; simply put, spirits or energies in dolls, or anything relating to that. See this article for related information regarding details. So how does it work?

  1.  You reach out to me and tell me you’re interested; payment options are Credit/Debit Cards or MoneyGram, or anything you have in mind that would be easier for you. Price is set at $1000 (fixed).
  2.  I create said plushie/doll for you, or anything similar you want enchanted- you need to tell me what kind of energy you’d want in it or what properties you want it to embody; understand that anything is on the table, so to speak. examples are that you want a certain spirit’s energy attached to it or a thoughtform (egregore) in it, or anything like that. It can all be done, realistically.
  3. I ship it to you & Done.

What you need to keep in mind is, like the aforementioned article stated, that the benefit is that it’ll stay with you your entire life, unless you have the plushie-doll destroyed (e.g. burn it or something), or you die; practical uses are either to carry it with you at all times, e.g. attaching it to your bag using a keychain and keeping an eye on it on occasion (you’ll notice generally when something’s up) or leave it at home in a decent spot (of course without anyone displacing it etc.). Treat it the way you’d like to be treated, almost needless to say. The fact that the plushie serves as a mobile altar makes the entity within all the more powerful, so expect good to great results. That’s all.

Earthquake time!- 7th Pentacle of Saturn


Yes, you read that right- it’s Earthquake time! How? With the 7th Pentacle of Saturn. I have carried out an operation for just that- terrestrial devastation, of course in alignment with my intent so minimal damage & at the same time still shit that will make the earth tremble (literally ofc). See the oration I used here.

The second I committed to doing so, an Angel by the name of Malakiam(u) from the abovementioned 1st order came to me, in the shape of a humanoid figure a few meters tall in black (darkest shade of black, mind you), changing into transparent on occasion. When I was done after 3 consecutive Saturdays of charging & activating it, He turned into a 3 headed black dragon, same outline, color & all. He placed one hand on the Pentacle until results showed, more or less. I also saw beautiful, yet very scary (to the average person) Angels that swarmed about & around the Pentacle, both up top- as well as underground- like wasps around their nest. They generally don’t have pupils, so eyes are either fully white or fully black. I had, at some point, a dream that the dragon was crossing a river coming towards Me, indicating that the project was halfway to completion. I also, near the end of this project before results, started getting a semi-heavy fever but purely spiritual- so I had all the symptoms of being ill (primarily feeling warm and heavy) without actually being so, as well as the fact that I felt more tired compared to the usual.

See a short vid when I was done below:

I was told after I was (finally) done with all of it that I would get my QuakE in- or shortly after 28 days. See for yourself:




The document with results

Fixing an error regarding the Goetia


I noticed something when having the Goetia translated into other (non-English) languages; the 69th spirit, Decarbia, has the same seal/sigil as the Goetic spirit Seere- now, before I continue, I need to state that I’m not aware of any other editorial versions of the Goetia being present that might have rectified this issue already (I don’t think so, and honestly don’t care all too much). This article & corresponding video is to provide people with a valid seal for Decarbia that they can use. See here for the seal I got from Decarbia Himself.

Also, you might want to read:

The Goetia evaluated

The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon


Game time again; The Sixth and Last Pentacle of the Moon is up this time. See the description below:

The Pentacle itself, as shown in the GKOS-OOTP:

My readings indicated that I could expect good/great amounts of rain, but there will be moments where it’ll stop for a short while and it’ll repeat itself all over again. So realistic results. Also, I saw that this Pentacle has great potential to be A LOT more effective- it’s just that my manner of going about this is of a more flexible, swift & thus light nature. This is the Oration I used.

Lastly, (before I showcase the results) see the forecast for the day of activation before I even seriously made the final decision to indeed go ahead with this operation. See here.

This picture was from the last time I charged it in order to boost its power past its default limitation; total is times 36 minimum, times 40 at boost level (in general). So X36 minimum, X40 maximum. Even the purple cloth sash is X6, and the oration is fixed at X9.

Interestingly enough, I spoke to Angels that will bring about results because up to now in my Pentacle-based operations, the spirits associated with these appear. The leader of the Lunar Angels in charge (so to speak) of my Lunar Pentacle operation is named Monakiel– He’s quite the potent one to say the least; skilled and versatile in stability & wealth- the latter, provided the operator or person in question has the correct mentality and works hard, something He also sees to.

Behold, results(!):

* Let it also be noted that it has rained nationwide in several semi-isolated locations, and quite heavily at that.



I committed to a long term working regarding the Pentacle, see details below.

Download content as mentioned in the video here.

Does gender matter at all, in any way whatsoever in the Occult?


Answer is yes; whether you’re a man or woman, believe it or not, has both advantages as well as disadvantages when practicing the occult. See below for a horizontal column of both genders & their aforementioned strengths and weaknesses.



– Men –

  • Are more disciplined; can bear substantially more levels of pressure.
  • Are more fixed, so more stable in their practice.
  • Have a naturally higher level of intellect in this department.
  • Have a naturally higher success rate overall.
  • Can accomplish more long-term goals & objectives.
  • Take longer to build up energy and release it.
  • Practicing overall is harder to do.

– Women –


  • Are more naturally spiritually fluid, can absorb quickly & more easily.
  • Have higher levels of natural clairvoyance.
  • Are more adaptable, depending on the conditions & circumstances.
  • Can practice more easily & in a mildly shorter duration.
  • Are much more sensitive to energy, so very vulnerable.
  • Are highly prone to mental & overall spiritual instability.
  • Have great difficulty coping with any hardship or setback when practicing.


* Let it of course be noted that these are general attributes that obviously apply to MOST, but not ALL.

Magic(k)al Spam


What is Magickal spam? These are thoughts that are the spiritual equivalent of e-mail spam or junk mail; when practicing Magick, you might have noticed (especially as you gradually get stronger) that weird thoughts will come to mind or you’ll have hairbrained ideas that will pop up out of nowhere. For the rest you can also expect to, for example, see the entities you work with do weird things- outright ridiculous things even. Just imagine an entity twerking and you can imagine the levels of WTF reactions you’ll get; guess what? All of this is normal….what you’re seeing is the energetic fallout of the pressure placed upon your astral body (spirit). The same way your physical body sheds dead skin cells, your astral body “sheds” negative energy that is released (so to speak) as a result of your workings. This will lead you to seeing the aforementioned. How to deal with it? Recognize it, ask yourself if unsure whether what you’re seeing or hearing or otherwise is “legit”. Usually you’ll be able to distinguish the real from the unreal. If you see a spirit smoking and it’s not in His/Her nature to do so, take a good look at them and focus (silence your mind and free yourself mentally from distractions & impurities) and you’ll see what they’re actually doing which will usually be them just standing quietly and idly by, looking or staring at you. Rest assured that all of this is normal and no need to worry that something is wrong with you or your senses or abilities (unless your senses & intuition tell you that this is indeed the case e.g. due to a change you made in how you operate that causes disruption(s)). I personally just ignore it in general; I know that my guys and energy are there, doing their thing, because I can sense it, regardless of minor “anomalies” and other kinds of weirdness, which I chalk up to my imagination. Speaking of imagination, your spiritual energy & any changes to it or adjustments can also cause your imagination to go haywire, and subsequently make it so that you see the above or odd stuff. No worries, it’s all good. Just manage like I mentioned earlier; no pain, no gain as always or usual.


Are spirits projections/ inventions of the mind?

Channeling different types of Energy


Did you know that it’s possible to channel different types of energy? How it works is that you generate spiritual (so astral) energy & convert it to anything you want, no joke. I’ve done it several times and have converted my energy to ice, fire, nature, wind, earth, lightning, etc. Anything is on the table in terms of what kind of energy you want to channel.

You might say “Cool…but what practical use does this have?” I give some examples below.

  • You can keep yourself warm in winter; yes, you heard that correctly- you can channel & convert your energy for example in winter time & when done with enough proficiency, you’ll find that you’re nice & warm for a good portion, thereby eliminating the need for extra clothing like jackets & coats when it’s cold outside. I’ve found that in my experience my torso and back were nice & warm, but the smallest parts of my body like my hands & feet were less affected which is normal, because your energy source is from your back/spine, so root chakra (spiritually of course). Obviously you can do the adverse as well- keep yourself cold in the scorching heat. Simply generate energy, convert & command yourself to do so permanently until you say otherwise. Don’t worry about forgetting, it’ll auto- turn off based on your intent; if your astral body (so spirit) senses you don’t need it anymore, then it’ll turn it off for you.
  • You can cast a highly or very detailed spell, based on your needs; for example if you want to send a specific kind of energy to someone, like a person or spirit- done.
  • You can create a “cool” elemental Egregore or thoughtform, made up entirely (more or less) out of one type or kind of energy e.g. a lightning Golem (lol).

The only requirement is that you know how to manage & direct energy.