E.V.P., a chapter out of the Necromancy handbook


I will share my experiences with the public in this article on EVP; this is a way of communicating with the dead via electronic equipment, say a mobile phone that can record audio or video; the benefit is that it is, compared to general occult techniques, ridiculously easy to perform or do, drawback is that it is really hard for the recipient to come through, or show any kind of understandable message. If one is able to though, then talking to the dead (which vibrate on a different astral plane) is like making a phone call to someone.

Like I stated before, I have some experience in this venture since I occupied myself with this a good while ago (2014), and “dabbled” in Necromancy. The way to do it is to simply focus (I mean really focus) on connecting with the dead, and then record while staying focused & and envisioning the dead around you etc. Doing this multiple times a day will, however, wear you down astrally and incite fatigue, to keep that in mind. One needs “white noise”, like water falling from a faucet or fan noise for example to serve as a means for the dead to have their voices materialize in the physical. Below a listing of sound snippets and pieces:

. An example of White noise, downloaded online: a stream of water.
. A session where you’ll hear me address the dead in Dutch, and a fan as background noise for aforementioned reasons- keep in mind to listen to it with headphones and you’ll hear them whisper at certain points in the background.
. A session without any white noise, same approx. as before.

Like I mentioned before, this is impractical Necromancy to say the least, but more for absolute amateurs; see my article on magick for a good book on ritual necromancy, as well as these articles which you might find interesting. I just wanted to share my brief necromantic experiences back in the day as a beginner. I used this book as a guidebook.

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