Apep or Apophis


I’ll be covering Apep; He’s see as the Egyptian version of the devil or evil and all things “bad”. See His Wiki page for details. In short, He’s responsible according to His culture, for all things undesirable e.g. suffering, misery and whatnot.

I’ll be discussing His attributes from an occult perspective and what He can do for someone wanting to work with Him; He’s Jupiterian (0° in Sagittarius- self centered) and can help an occultist or magician in the following:

He is self-righteous and has a big ego on the negative side but positively is skilled in Law, Religion, Philosophy, Education & Long Distance traveling. Also has a sense of humor and is open to all, a non-discriminator. In short, things attributed to Sag and Jupiter.

* Also has Saturnian-like destructive abilities.

Apep/Apophis appears as a huge snake (e.g. King cobra that’s 10 m long or similar) in general and one does need to keep in mind that He primarily focuses on His own well-being and will take advantage of a situation when He gets the chance. So tread with care. He’s the philosopher type tough, so intellect is very much present.

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