The research files vol. XVI: Bael


I invoked Bael or Baal some time ago, and for those that do not know who he is, he is an infernal spirit mentioned in the grimoire called the Goetia; See here for the wiki page on him. He also has pagan roots and is presumably the same as the pagan God Ba’al.

When I invoked Bael, he was very humble and is the first spirit that I have summoned that has asked me what voice I wanted him to speak in & what appearance he ought to take; he displayed then as a middle-eastern human male, dressed neatly, in red and black & toggled up and down between that and a giant toad. So the traditional look as is written. I liked his human form the most and told him to retain that form. His voice was half human and half giant frog. The turban he wore turned into a crown every now & then and he held a scepter that turned into a spear, which I liked more. He also did chain-mail and breastplate armor on near the end of the ritual, as well as showing me his cat form.

I had a dream the day after where I was being chased by a giant frog and that it was trying to eat me. Not horrific, but more hazy & unclear.

Regarding information on Bael, and his skills, he is Martian in nature (Aries, 8°) and has proficiency in handling weapons, aside from basic Martian traits. There does lie a small chance of misfortune in working, dealing with him and the results. Lastly, he is good at bringing in money on a stable basis, albeit this will take some time. His skill that he is most well-known for, the ability to make people invisible or teach them to do so, is by far not his strongest trait; this was most likely just “bestowed” upon him and he has gotten better at it over time, but he is no “shiner” when it comes to clairvoyance.


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