Things that people & spirits have in common


When people in general think about spirits, they think about beings that have little to no emotions and primal or even feral in nature; the truth is that we as human beings have a lot in common with them, which I’ll list below.

. Spirits gossip about things just like us; yes, they do- they gossip about others just like we do. If you as a magician piss off a spirit repeatedly, you better believe that He’ll signal others in the sense of “Watch it, this one is a piece of crap..he wants to demand a lot, but wants to give me nothing in return and even threatened me”, which in turn will lead to other ones disliking you as first glance.

. Spirits can have bad manners too, just like us; impatience, aloofness, you name it. They can be loving while others will be short and want to get straight down to business, others will be unreasonable and rude. They possess characteristics too.

. Spirits have morals too, in general- each one of them has a breaking point or threshold where they’ll say “Nope”. They’re not mindless soldiers that do as commanded or asked. If they don’t like something or don’t feel like doing it, tough luck for you as a sorcerer. Be a sleazebag and engage in excessively sinful behavior e.g. crime, then expect them to turn their back on you and even punish you for doing so.

. Spirits like mundane aspects of life too, e.g. art forms (paintings, movies and whatnot), food, music and so on. They like to try out different ways of appearing, apparel colors, different cuisines, you name it. They can get bored too, or agitated.
When I order food for them, it’s normal for me to hear “extra spicy today, please” or “I think I’ll have the soup today”. When I shop for stuff online I can get “Hey, that’s nice- I’d like that”. One thing that all of them have told me in regards to me asking them if there’s anything simple that they’d like, is honey; all of them were like “Honey would be welcome” and I happily obliged.

Another example is my Patron- he has recently shown Himself to me in a modern body-fit shirt with khaki pants, playing video games, drinking stuff, lying next to me on my bed all in one image when appearing. Even as I’m writing this, He’s chilling on my bed. Hanging out is also common; I can be in a line at an office and He’ll be like “Busy today, don’t like all these people here”. I’m on the road about to take a left turn and He’s like “A car is coming from the other side”, which it is.

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