Demand the best from yourself


The message to yourself is simple, when it comes to being an occultist; demand the best from yourself. Reach for the stars, push the envelope. And so on…

The whole point of the occult is to attain knowledge & power that very few others or no one else has, to do- and to be exceptional in that regard. I have come to notice that the occult (so anything spiritual) is being dumbed down or watered down, in the sense of being made more “mainstream” and easy to-do practises, e.g. new age material and “new agers” as its practitioners. People are forgetting that nothing worth doing is easy in general, and in the occult’s case, this is the epitome of it all. I personally don’t care what happens in regards to the way occultism is approached. What I do want to state, as aforementioned, is that a “true” occultist or one that aspires to be one at it’s purest should strive towards being able to do things that no one else can do, so to speak; this is where you prove to yourself that this really is divine power- make more money than multiple people can make combined, grow spiritually and physically at unprecedented levels, attain the highest living standard possible for you, and so on. THIS is how you prove to yourself that this power is “real”…this is assuming that you indeed want all of this, of course; if not, you’re more than welcome to practise at your own pace. But the message in general is clear:

-Go big or Go home-

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