The art of Prophecy


Most of us are familiar with (historical) figures like Nostradamus and their prophecies on events from the past, present and especially the future; and many wonder whether they’re legitimate, so if their work has merit and is genuinely true or just a hoax. I’ll be discussing the occult legitimacy of how these Seers or Prophets obtained these visions, regardless of whether they were right or wrong.

It is realistically possible to foresee the future and events in the above-mentioned way, but a lot of hard work has to be done (obviously). A solid technique for doing this is scrying with the intent to tap into the Akasha; the Akasha is the occult universe in which all information is stored, “God’s Library” if you will. Once that is done, the individual can ask questions and He’ll be answered in visual images. Example is a magician that has mastered this skill doing so and asking “What notable things will happen to me next year?” and seeing an astral or ethereal video on Him getting married etc.

Interesting to note is that “funny magick” you see in comical sketches and cartoons have their origin in this occult venture, e.g. a fortune-teller sitting and telling you your fortune with a crystal ball & the evil witch looking into a mirror that divulges secrets etc.


A fortune-teller with a crystal ball


The evil queen and her magick mirror from the cartoon “Snow White”










Keep in mind that the previous technique I described is not the only way of course, as other seers for example have other methods, e.g. being born with this “gift”. A grimoire/magickal workbook called the “Grimorium Verum” has an outline for fashioning such a mirror, so it’s not uncommon within the occult, as you can see.


Solomonic mirror

-A short part from the above-mentioned Grimoire-

” The manner of making the mirror of Solomon, appropriate for all divinations. In the name of the Lord. So be it. You will see in this mirror all the things that you will wish. In the name of the Lord, who is blessed. First, you must not commit carnal actions, either physically or in thought, during the prescribed time described below. Secondly, you must perform many good works of piety and of mercy “.




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