Can a money tree exist in real life?


A question that doesn’t really take one’s serious interest, but I’m still going to answer it; is it really possible, at least in theory, to create a money tree or tree that would sprout money (coins or banknotes)? And can it be done via the occult? Yes to both, but it’s obviously much more complex.

Money is made from paper for the most part and is therefore organic, so that’s good but up to present day there is no known plant or tree that can create it because money itself is created, and the creation itself is manmade, so not organic. So cultivating such a tree would be, by todays standards, far-fetched and nearly impossible. Now, regarding the occult- it is possible, yes; but since this process is borderline fraud & somewhat shady, celestial spirits will not aid one. You’d have to work with an infernal spirit for this, or a pagan God etc. Summarized, this would involve working with an entity that specializes either in money or nature (or both) as my beloved Vice Lord Sandalphon states. The type of money would have to be buried and the rest is natural plant-growing.

I of course don’t approve of this idea, since it’s (again) shady and will not end well in general.


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