New financial manager


I have a new financial manager and am therefore saying goodbye to my beloved Sandalphon. He has done so much for me, and I thank Him for all of that, can’t do so enough; but progress is what it’s all about. I had this nagging feeling to do so in the past day or two.

Who is the new guy? Remember when I invoked the Sun for someone? Enter Raquiel, my solar angel (9°- flair) with an eye for perfectionism like me, a true craftsman and that’s how He’ll operate too. He prefers to work alone, so no boosters for Him as He’s told me. He’ll be picking things up where Sandalphon left off. Raquiel is for now only my financial manager and not my vice patron, but we’ll see after He proves Himself to me and my patron. Let’s see what He’s got.


*There has been an update as of April the 17th, 2018, see video below*




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