The research files vol. LX: Seere


I’ll be doing the goetic spirit Seere this time; He has other names, see the description from the goetia below. His name occurred to me just now, and there He was; I do like His appearance, like the goetia states: A beautiful man riding a horse, and He threw a marker in the ground. My patron told me that it’s just like a beacon for Him, to “save” people that He wants to work with. I told Seere that I’ll keep Him in mind, an interesting one for sure. Here His description with seals:



Seere’s Aquarian (17°, discernment) and thus falls under Saturn so to speak; I didn’t know what the description meant, attribute-wise, but it became clear after the checkup. I thought at first that it was referring to Him being able to help with travel, but no; Seere excels at clairvoyance and abundance therein. So if you want to learn anything occult wise, then Seere’s your man. Traveling refers to mental, NOT physically. Examples are time-traveling, astral projection etc. He’s friendly, and an initiative-taker. Reminds me a bit of Bathin.


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