The law of attraction


The law of attraction is simply put, the notion or idea that you attract what you think/ feel; if you think negatively, you’ll attract more negative situations to you. Is this true? Yes. It makes sense, and I have extensive experience in this. Back in the day, between 10 and 5 years ago I was stuck in a rut and weighed down immensely by black magick and negative entities plaguing me. As a result, I noticed that I attracted and engaged with vermin/ bottom feeding folks who aren’t worth a damn thing. All of these things happen on their own, I had no deliberate hand in this. I worked a dead end job, had no purpose and looked like shit. This is the example I’m giving, and I can’t compare myself now to back then. See the difference below in demeanor (One is from last year & the other from 2010)

Me VIUntitled
Difference is stark, no? I looked like shit back then for aforementioned reasons.
Now, thanks to my work, I’m better & stronger than ever.

Point is, that if you find yourself in a bad mental state where you only see negativity where there is none, then you will draw negativity to you and this includes parasitic entities that will latch on to you and make things worse; Don’t get things confused, being someone that is in a superficial bad mood is naught and doesn’t apply. But legitimately being tainted by negativity to the point where you mentally ARE a broken shell or negative, astrally/ mentally and this will happen. Another example is doing something while angry, and you’ll notice that everything will start to go wrong. Something as simple as taking food out of the fridge will go wrong and you’ll drop everything or stub your toe, or something similar. The opposite is also bad, seeing positivity where there is none is not good at all- e.g. there’s no such thing as a beautiful landfill. See my other article, autosuggestion; it is basically the same in relation.

Base rule is “Worthless from within, worthless from without

Reality is the best policy, and I’m an ultra-realist.

Mental health equals strength; the World bows down to strength, it bows down to power- the World disrespects & mistreats weakness.

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