Esoteric entrepreneurship


Most occultists out there are still working mundane jobs when they want to be practicing, but can’t find a way or method that will make ends meet at the end of the month. I have noticed how in everyday life it can be quite bothersome to others that want to work in the occult, but have no outlet to do so. There are a number of ways one can do so still:

. Sell occult items or services; this is what I do and the first thing that comes to mind.
. Write in an armchair or practical fashion on occult based topics, whether it be blogging or anything else for pay.
. Start a business that you like in mundane goods and use your magickal techniques to expand and make your business thrive.
. Invest in stocks, goods and bonds and make the most out of it by utilizing the occult.
. Offer advice-giving services, occult wise. (e.g. Tarot readings)
. Gambling & using the occult in your favor.
. Using the occult in finding valuables.


Even if these aren’t good options for you, you can always work with a spirit towards doing what you love for a living, instead of just being stuck in a rut for the money.

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