Visit from Monachiel


I was visited in the early morning by the angel Monachiel, who is mentioned in the GKoS, relating to Venus; the way it happened is very interesting.

I was asleep and dreamt that I was in a densely vegetative area, and at a certain point I was in a dark environment, filled with corridors while repeatedly hearing “Monachiel”- I ended up face to face with Him, and waking up the same. He told me that I was in the Tree of Life, but phrased it as “The kabbalistic version of Yggdrasil”. The experience was a bit unsettling due to Him also showing me his “other” face, which is demonic. Not that I top it all off, I woke up at exactly 3.33 AM. This is a reference to Saturn (Binah), and unsurprisingly He is just that- Saturnian (17° in Aquarius) and bears a striking similarity to Dantalion, even in appearance.

Working with Monachiel would bring me good results in clairvoyance, but I have decided not to do so due to the fact that I’m already working with Raziel and He does well. I’m also not too fond of the fact that there seems to be a minor drawback attached to working with Monachiel, resultwise, not that I mind since I more than anyone know that you can’t have the good without the bad. The experience was great though, very clear. My 1st pentacle of the Sun tattoo is doing well.


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