The Research files vol. XXXV: Bariel


The angel Bariel is a wealth angel that is mentioned in the Greater Key of Solomon, specifically on the pentacles of Jupiter. It is said that one of the pentacles, one should engrave and create that pentacle when Jupiter is in Cancer, etc. Unsurprisingly, Bariel is Lunar according to my research, but wealth is not his strongest skill. Nevertheless,  He is quite the potent spirit and a great money maker, especially in Cancer matters, e.g. foods, domestic matters, real estate and so on. His strongest skill is offense & defense, followed by wealth and last but not least general cancerous affairs.

When invoking Bariel, he appeared as a beautiful angel with blue wings with violet tips. Two locks of hair from the front of his face with a man-bun and a mixture of blonde and brunette like hair. Apparel was a white robe with a violet/ blue sash and he had a staff in his hands. At a certain point, he looked like a well-dressed Arab man too (This is because He was also summoned by Arabs in the region of ancient Egypt, and the appearance is to relate to them). He reminds me of Vassago in the sense that he is distant and only engages when called upon. No dropping in unexpectedly for Him in general. After ritual, my hands and arms felt moist but burning at the same time. This is what Scorpio feels like according to my intuition.

I asked Him too for his seal, which is below. I will keep Him in mind, a great asset to my list of partners. He has the Part of Fortune in his house, and in general, in my experience, most powerhouses have this attribute; Notable examples are Lucifer & Pazuzu. I love how beautiful he is and a bit feminine. But deadly, no doubt.










See here for nice pictures of His Altar:


* PS In my video I mention adding 2 pentacles of Jupiter, but one of them is the 1st pentacle of the Moon.

This is also another Lunar Angel that is very powerful, just like Bariel:

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      I took a look again at her articles after your reply and I’m going to remove the reference to it altogether, because her views on Him are so wrong that I can barely stand to read them (no offense to her per se)…

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