The fifth element, Spirit




Most people don’t know this (or at least the details about it), but there is a fifth element called Spirit; this element deals with spiritual depth; the same way that the other elements represent their own respective elements and refinement thereof, Spirit covers spiritual perfection, so to speak; the essence & refinement of one’s astral body. This plane and its inhabitants deal with all of that.


Here two spirits from this elemental plane that one can work with, presented by Me & their information:


Dark elemental, so infernal anti-elemental spirit

Name: Malcucth (pronounced Malkoesjt)
Specialty: Making people go insane by corrupting their Astral body/spirit- so destruction of the spirit, in a manner of speaking.
Power level- 6 (0/10).
Appearance: Black Dragon (Think Charizard of Pokémon in a realistic context, mid-sized with ball spiked tail).
Seal: here


Elemental mid- to high-ranked spirit

Name: Gregori
Specialty: Making someone or teaching them to be spiritually refined to the point that they become better connected to the cosmos, so advanced (so to speak) levels of clairvoyance with an emphasis laid on the cosmos.
Power level- 6 (0/10).
Appearance: Elderly (but able-bodied) man wearing black & green robes in general or also red. Shoes are pointy, but can also be barefoot.
Seal: here

See this article as well for elemental spirits.


Regarding rulership: there is no specific ruler, but closest is the Archangel Uriel & day is Saturday. Planet is Saturn.

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