The complexity of spiritual offices


Spirits inhabit offices; you might ask yourself why, as a mage, you’re able to see and communicate with celestial & infernal spirits e.g. Angels & Demons and not the dead for example.

The classical planets that are ruled by the 7 archangels for example are comprised of sub offices, and they in turn have subdivisions and it goes on and on. These lower planes are inhabited likewise by lesser and inferior spirits. This is why you don’t see dead people as a mage, and me neither. Rarely does this happen and if it does, the deceased approaches me for work or something. Generally speaking, the dead fall under the Moon and to be exact one of its subdivisions. The general mage knows that Luna is ruled by Gabriel and see what I mean? Example: Gabriel= ruler, angels falling directly under Him rule subdivisions, and it goes on…There is a power structure or hierarchy put in place, very detailed. And somewhere below the dead take their place. The simplest comparison is a city that lies in a municipality, and that municipality lies in a province, and that province lies in a country.


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