The meaning of existence


Interesting header, no? This is something that has been debated and discussed by a lot of people undoubtedly. What is the meaning of life, of existence? As always is the case, the truth hurts and this is no different.

Simply put, the meaning of life is, in general, to aspire to be divine. This is regardless of who you are in terms of background, social standing, ethnicity and all the other things that are considered “important”. My personal reason for getting involved in the occult is to be as close to God as I can be; there is more to life than just the mundane things and they are just that. I am not saying that one shouldn’t pay attention to these, but never make the mistake that these things are important on an existential scale. Why not? Because you’re not doing anything special, how hard that might come off- practically everybody has offspring, wants to make more money, fame and fortune etc. There is nothing wrong with wanting these things, but NEVER make the mistake of thinking that these things will last for eternity, because they’ll wither away with time and all will be short lived. One can be proud of the family that he or she has and so on, but don’t lie to yourself thinking that your God will give you kudos for that and applaud you. He’ll most likely be like “What have you done that was different from the rest?”.
Christian biblical quote is an example and states this perfectly, “The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God remains forever”.
All things that are considered good…money, status…all will fade before you know it; it has no permanent or real value. So again, don’t kid or delude yourself into thinking that it does and that you’ll be rich after you’re dead too. Nope. The cash will stay right here and done. It won’t even matter after you’re dead.

Don’t ignore these things, as you need them in the mundane world in order to get by, but don’t confuse them for having any true value. That’s just what they are: mundane.
Honor, decency, integrity, self-worth, moral values, being true to who and what you are is what makes you great. NOT THE MATERIAL.

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