How to recognize a fake psychic/ scammer


I’m going to cover in this article, as the header or title suggests, how to recognize a scammer or fake psychic; to prevent oneself as an occult or psychic customer to be scammed and/ or swindled.

First off, most scammers are like vermin; they prey on the vulnerable- see to it that you’re in a clear state of mind and can think clearly. Don’t let negative emotions blind you to reason. Secondly, evaluate your seller:

. Does that person use his/ her real name? Someone that uses a fake name or alias is more likely to be a scam.
. Do a background check on him/ her- is that person present online, has anyone ever heard of the seller, has he or she had good, repeat customers and whatnot.
. Can that person explain in laymen terms what he or she does? If a seller is unable or reluctant to explain to you how he or she does what they do, then beware.
. Scammers will go through incredible lengths to scam people- simple details etc. and things that you’ve ever recorded or made public or data that is generally available means nothing e.g. your name, address, etc; if the seller is able to tell you something that you’ve never written down or made public, then that’s a good sign.
. How business-savvy is your seller? Does he or she have an office, either digitally or in physical/ reality, does he or she have a refund policy, etc…someone that does little to nothing on paper and just does things “off the record” is also a red flag.
. Does the price match the item or service offered? If the person is dead-cheap, don’t expect anything much.



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