I shall discuss the matter of reincarnation, especially in an occult sense; most Christian-based religions don’t believe in this, which is odd since Jesus’s resurrection can also be seen as reincarnation, but the question you might ask yourself, reader, is “Does it exist?”. Answer is Yes.

There have been countless accounts of people that can describe their past lives in detail, and it keeps on happening. Another good question is what the whole purpose or meaning behind reincarnation is…and that is simply spiritual evolution and self-ascension; life lessons are learned within each lifetime by the soul and it therefore grows. Once you’ve learned enough, you’ll be able to ascend and you’ll stop being reincarnated. It differs per person of course, as some people have a lot and others none. For some, one lifetime is enough and for others a lot is required. But there can be connections of course, regarding lifetimes and so on. I, for example, was a great magician in my past life (or one of them) and I brought my skill set into this current lifetime, I have confirmed all of this via my own research. People in general don’t remember their past lives, and it seems either that something “goes wrong”, or is deliberately left alone for the ones that do in terms of consciousness. But reincarnation just hints at the big picture and how “worthless” ones life cycle is, think about it: You are this today, and you’ll be some guy or woman in India tomorrow, leading an entirely different life and under different circumstances. And then it just goes on & on, until it stops.

For general information on this topic, see here.
For an example of accounts of people that have been through reincarnation, here.

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