Demographic Occultism


When looking at the world, it’s clear that certain regions or parts of the world have types of occultism as a favorite; North America is the most diverse, where most magical systems are practiced with ceremonial magick & paganism/witchcraft being favorites all around. South America, cultural witchcraft and so on…

I’ve composed a map which highlights the magickal system popular or most well-known in that particular part of the world.

– North America– Melting pot; favorites are Ceremonial or Christian magick and Witchcraft (pagan), e.g. Western ceremonial magick, Wicca, Witchcraft, Enochian magick.
– Middle & South Am
– Traditional pagan Witchcraft, e.g. Santeria/Brujería.

– Europe– Mild forms of Western Ceremonial magick (but purest in origin) and to lesser extents paganism.
– Asia– Necromancy/Necromantic forms of magick & traditional paganism (excluding Russia)
– Australia– Similar to North America, but to a lesser extent.
– Middle East– Traditional cultural witchcraft and/or Islamic forms of occultism.
– Africa– Traditional cultural witchcraft/paganism.

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