Animals and the Occult


A lot of people have a vague idea- or have heard of the notion that animals can see spirits. How true is this? The answer is very simple “very much so”; They can…

Animals have, generally speaking, refined acute senses, e.g. an increased sense of smell/hearing etc. So it’s kind of logical that their astral senses are also more refined compared to that of people. That’s why they can see spirits, but rarely do they react to them because they’re used to it and most astral entities just go about their business and bear no ill will towards others around them, like people and animals.

But on occasion you’ll get a “bad apple” or bad boy that has malevolent intentions or questionable at best, and that’s when your pet will start to act up when or if He/She is around, generally in the form of staring at something that’s “not there” or can’t be seen with one’s physical sight, making threatening sounds like barking or growling and so on.

This is also the reason for why in general, when going to a location e.g. the outdoors where animals are generally present, they won’t be there (the animals I mean); the place will be devoid of fauna, and wildlife will avoid THAT specific area.

The animals that are generally unaffected by this are bugs and insects, because they lack the spiritual consciousness in general that, say, mammals have (e.g. humans); so they’re not developed enough spiritually to be in danger or attacked by whatever entity is in their presence.

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