The point in making offerings


When making offerings to a spirit or spirits, it doesn’t matter what you offer more or less, regardless of the expense in doing so, so ridiculously expensive offerings aren’t necessary- it’s great when done, but not mandatory in this whole topic.

The whole point in making offerings primarily is payment for services rendered; let me explain how this whole process works & what the point in doing so is. By the way, a client once asked me this..”What’s the point in offering food to a spirit?”

Spirits draw the astral energy from said offerings and can’t just take what they want, regardless of what that is. They can’t just say “Hey, I’m going to draw the energy from -or take that boulder over there”.
It doesn’t work that way; they can’t just take what they want for the same reason you don’t just jump over someone’s fence and take their flowers on the lawn. The universe is subject to rules in this aspect too, and doing so would violate said rules. But when said boulder is offered to a spirit by me, as a mage…that’s different entirely. That is a gift from me to Him/ Her/ It. The concept of giving someone a gift applies here, as it’s about the thought and input behind the gift, it having meaning to the person.

See here for a correspondency list.

– How To Dispose Of Ritual Offerings –

A question that I’ve been asked in the past is on how to dispose of offerings I make or have made to spirits I’ve worked with, or similar; I’ll be addressing that now.

In essence, offerings can be disposed of in whatever way you as a practitioner see fit or the spirit you’re offering to has told you; I have had plenty of experience with this in the past, and at first I buried it but found that to be impractical, so I just threw it in a gutter in front of my house or in the nearby brush. But in general, throwing it out with the rest of the trash is fine too, unless (again) the spirit tells you otherwise (rarely the case). Offerings in general are organic in nature, but even the ones that aren’t (these are the ones you usually leave on the spirit’s altar-recommended) are no exception when it comes to disposal. Organic food will rot away substantially quicker than it usually does by nature.

When it comes to duration with organic offerings, a few days is enough to leave them on said altar and take note to clean up afterwards, since it will be rotten or moldy and might give off a stench, etc. It’s just repeating the cycle afterwards on a periodical basis. Lastly, one can also consume the food itself, but I advise against it because the food has little to no astral nutrients for obvious reasons (know this from personal exp.).


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4 thoughts on “The point in making offerings

      • SWC

        I also work with the Angelics a great amount.I sometimes pour them tea but did not think Angelics expected offerings. Is this what I am missing and why my issues are still ongoing? Do you think they are not helping as quickly because I haven’t provided offerings often like I would to Ellegua?
        Seeking advice very much!
        Enjoying your website keep going 😉
        I just subscribed

      • MorinoRavenberg

        Yes, all Spirits expect offerings since it’s a form of payment the same way that you do not work for free

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