The research files vol. LXXXI: Och


I’ll be covering the olympic spirit Och from the magickal workbook called the Arbatel today; For those of you that don’t know the arbatel, follow the link on it’s name and/ or see a copy here.

As His description states therein, “Och governeth solar things; he giveth 600 years, with perfect health; he bestoweth great wisdom, giveth the most excellent Spirits, teacheth perfect Medicines: he converteth all things into most pure gold and precious stones: he giveth gold, and a purse springing with gold. He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh him to be worshipped as a Deity, by the Kings of the whole world“.

Well, He may be solar within the guidelines of the Arbatel, but not in general; for Och is a lunar spirit (Cancer, 26°- agriculture) and his attributes skillswise are correct. So health, wealth, medicine, herbs are His forté . He works in such an abstract and coercive manner as to cause strife in one’s life or destabilize it, but adversely sees to a one-track household. So the opposite for that. Keep that in mind. So He’ll throw certain aspects of life in disarray.

Funny thing is that I never liked the arbatel and remember people asking me whether I’ve worked with the spirits from it too; the whole reason for this piece is the fact that Och asked me to, appeared out of nowhere today as a medieval nobleman wearing yellow on top of a horse, and sometimes an ass. Lastly, Och says that He doesn’t mind that people use Solar correspondences, as long as they work with Him. He definitely doesn’t lack strength.


The research files vol. LXXI: Baphomet


It’s Baphomet’s turn to be written about; What do I know about Him off the top of my head? That He was an entity worshipped by the Knights Templar in the crusader time period & that He is unjustly seen today or nowadays as a symbol for the devil (which doesn’t exist).

Now it’s time for facts about Baphomet from an occult perspective; He’s Lunar (Cancer, 8°- cunning) and quite the skilled one. Does well in matters of clairvoyance, money, and good fortune. Interesting story too from back in the day, as a beginner. I remember, when mastering astral traveling, seeing Baphomet once hovering above my physical body while being in astral form. I didn’t know what it meant back then, and honestly don’t know now even, I can merely speculate but it’s not worth to spend time, let alone resources on finding out. Most likely a preview of things to come or He was just drawn to me due to the magical activity. Baphomet can frequently be seen displaying the armsigns for as above, so below.


The research files vol. LXIX: Miraqua


I am making a documentation for myself; I have just been approached by an angel named Miraqua who offered his services to me. I am currently behind my laptop as usual, and saw a tall figure to my left out of the corner of my eye. And there He was, wearing a pink robe and tall. Even His eyes are pink. He preferred I document Him, since He has heard a lot about me and my current financial manager Raquiel knows Him. I did the lookup on Him, and He’s lunar (Cancer, 19°- dilettante) and has some potential, but restricts himself which makes me doubt on whether I’ll be able to ever get a chance to work with Him. Nevertheless, He’s still one to keep in mind and hence this article. We shall see. He specializes in money.


The research files vol. LXIV: Gabriel


I’ll be covering the archangel Gabriel this time; He is one of the seven that stands before God and rules the Moon.

Gabriel is of course Lunar (9°- maternal) and therefore very friendly, loving and caring. He specializes generally in lunar matters, e.g. food, real estate, clairvoyance and so on. One of his strong suits is financial matters, so acquiring money. That includes finding missing treasure etc. Regarding appearance, Gabriel has a crown made of leaves and is a huge man, wearing blue robe with blue eyes and reminds me of Zadkiel & Raziel. But that’s normal, since all three have water-based attributes (Jupiter, Neptune & Moon strong in Pisces).

He is one of the most well known angels, but I never needed to work with Him so I cannot share more.

The research files vol. LXII: Loki


It’s Loki’s turn, as He has asked me. Funny, a short while after writing on Thor He appeared and told me to write about Him. TOLD, mind you, not asked. My patron was like “What did you just say?”. And then Loki apologized and said “Can you please write about me, I’ll be mighty grateful”.

To no surprise, and based on Loki’s profile it turns out that He’s Lunar (6°/13°- imprudent/ fluidity). So for clairvoyance and other things relating to water e.g. naval matters or destruction, as in stopping something, it’s Loki. One would have to consult Him to know what help He can offer exactly, of course in personal affairs but that it’s in general. Read His Wiki page, and you’ll clearly see the Lunar associations. Regarding appearance it’s the same pretty much: A man in a robe, with horns and a green glow. I must say that the movie franchise Thor depicts Him well. Loki has potential overall, so don’t underestimate Him.


The research files vol. LVIII: Sobek


I will be covering the egyptian deity Sobek, aka the crocodile God and ruler of the Nile etc. I have no experience in working with Sobek, but have looked into Him in the past and have heard from Him via the media, and in unusual ways, either for better or worse.

Sobek is unsurprisingly Lunar (Cancer, 9°- maternal) and can be thusly be very loving, caring and compassionate, negating His more negative behavioural aspects. He is one that holds back until He sees that this isn’t necessary anymore, and then will go full throttle. I have no real advice for people that want to work with Sobek, general rules apply here.

An interesting video on Him here, detailing His nature:



Another one, albeit negative experience coming into contact with Sobek of someone that is haunted by Him and almost possessed here.


The Research files vol. LI: Caïm


I will be covering the Goetic spirit Caïm or Camio here; He is said to appear as a thrush or a man dressed in a thrush-like suit; as the description says, He can teach one to talk to animals etc.

It was when I was thinking about Him, that He appeared to me while in a food cafe telling me that He can teach me how to talk to animals; the prospect of doing so seems “cool” and invaluable, but personally impractical for me. So no dice. This is more for recordkeeping purposes; Caïm is Lunar (4° in Cancer- stands for restriction) & working with Him will not be easy, as success will not happen in a smooth manner. His seal is next to the description in the Goetia. Besides, He isn’t the only one that can do this, as Barbatos (another Lunar, why doesn’t that surprise me since most Lunar spirits in the Goetia deal with languages) is also described as being able to teach one this.




The research files vol. XLVI: Agares


I will discuss and give information on the Goetic spirit Agares in this matter; His description in the Goetia is as follows “He maketh them to run that stand still, and bringeth back runaways. He teacheth all Languages or Tongues presently. He hath power also to destroy Dignities, both Spiritual and Temporal, and causeth Earthquakes”.

I invoked Him for a language matter, and I did notice results. Regarding appearance, He appeared as a transparent man with orange/ blue eyes, so NO guy riding a crocodile, like the Goetia states. I had no real issues in dealing with Him and this was a good while ago. I can’t complain, and don’t have a lot to say. In short, I invoked Him for fluency in English. His reply? “You’re already fluent, so what are you talking about?” And He is, of course, right. But this was the only thing I could ask Him for. Agares is of a Lunar nature (Cancer, 3°) and thusly the attributes in the Goetia are correct, more or less. He is anything but the only Lunar mentioned in the Goetia. ( I already did articles on Paimon & Vassago, for example)

I do intend on keeping Agares in mind for language fluency, in case I need that. My divinations indicate that He is good to go for that, so done is done. I was intending on working with Him for learning French, but I’m keeping that on hold since it doesn’t enjoy priority for me, personally.


The research files vol. XXXVII: Paimon


I very recently got to invoking the Goetic spirit Paimon, and I have always wondered about Him somewhere in the recesses of my mind; I consider Him a “heavy hitter”, like Belial and Lucifer. The Goetia lists Paimon as having a wide array of skills, treasure revealing & the arts to name a few.

When I did research on Him, he turned out to be Lunar (Cancer, 14°); A degree which stands for a…you guessed it, wide array of skills; handicrafts, the arts, math & finance.
Then it dawned on me; it explains the “being able to reveal things in the soil and the waters” bit & the association with the West, since the Moon deals with these things too (Cancer confers to the soil and the earth too from an horary perspective). The Moon also rules water as an element. When invoking Him, he took on the traditional goetic look of a man riding a dromedary, a beautiful man at that too. Wearing blue and having a diplomatic-like voice. He was, as the Goetia lists again, accompanied by 2 assistants whom he dismissed after he saw that I’d rather not have them there. He also had a tail, but did away quickly with that too. He’s thanking me for this writing as I am typing this. I also remember Him wearing some kind of male tiara with a gem in the middle, so on his forehead. Paimon’s a perfectionist, and it showed since he asked me specifically pertaining my goal how I want it done. I had difficulty making out facial features in detail and he told me to save my energy, since that is how he appears…”Don’t even bother Morino, this is how I appear- no need to look at my hair in detail or my face”. Lastly, he is indeed accompanied by a host of spirits since I noticed that there was a good deal of energy buzzing about even hour after the ritual. My patron told me that he’ll clean house and they were gone after a minute or so.



The Research files vol. XXXV: Bariel


The angel Bariel is a wealth angel that is mentioned in the Greater Key of Solomon, specifically on the pentacles of Jupiter. It is said that one of the pentacles, one should engrave and create that pentacle when Jupiter is in Cancer, etc. Unsurprisingly, Bariel is Lunar according to my research, but wealth is not his strongest skill. Nevertheless,  He is quite the potent spirit and a great money maker, especially in Cancer matters, e.g. foods, domestic matters, real estate and so on.
His strongest skill is offense & defense, followed by wealth and last but not least general cancerous affairs.

When invoking Bariel, he appeared as a beautiful angel with blue wings with violet tips. Two locks of hair from the front of his face with a man-bun and a mixture of blonde and brunette like hair. Apparel was a white robe with a violet/ blue sash and he had a staff in his hands. At a certain point, he looked like a well-dressed Arab man too. He reminds me of Vassago in the sense that he is distant and only engages when called upon. No dropping in unexpectedly for Him in general. After ritual, my hands and arms felt moist but burning at the same time. This is what Scorpio feels like according to my intuition.

I asked Him too for his seal, which is below. I will keep Him in mind, a great asset to my list of partners. He has the Part of Fortune in his house, and in general, in my experience, most powerhouses have this attribute; Notable examples are Lucifer & Pazuzu. I love how beautiful he is and a bit feminine. But deadly, no doubt.

Seal (Given)

Other discussions on Him can be found below, courtesy & thanks to another occultist; but be warned, I don’t agree with her view on Bariel as it’s speculation and not necessarily based on facts.

* PS In my video I mention adding 2 pentacles of Jupiter, but one of them is the 1st pentacle of the Moon. 

Who is the angel Bariel?